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Oh, Charlie Charlie…

…. and no, it’s not about a certain swivelled eyed little goat fucker.

I had a feeling that Ross Worner wasn’t going to be our only signing today (read SW19’s earlier update today here), and it’s been so proven – welcome Charlie Sheringham.

Before we go on – yes, he is Teddy’s lad. If he can be half as good as his old man then he’ll be fine. Hopefully on the field, not off it.

NA seems to (obviously) think he’s a good signing, although it doesn’t appear that he’s had enough of a run anywhere to properly make the difference. Having a foot injury kiboshed his time at Bournemouth, and given that he’s 25 it seems that his time to make it in the Football League was starting to run out.

Still, he’s got a fantastic opportunity to do just that. Lest we forget that scoring goals became a real issue towards the end of last season (though thankfully not before it was too late). And of course, we had to put up with Byron Harrison.

Our manager seems quite detailed in his thinking behind signing him, possibly moving to silence any doubters who think we were going to sign Akefenwa instead:

“Charlie is technically very good, he is tall and similar in stature to Jack Midson. I believe that in Jack and Charlie we have two players who know where to be in the box and how to score goals. Charlie can also drop deeper and link the play. If we do want to try and get the ball down a bit more and link-up the play in forward areas then Charlie will fit into that.”

Of course, considering that he’s hinted that we’re going to get one more striker in….

And while I wouldn’t want Danny Kedwell back (and would put up with Gary Alexander if he was cheap), that seems the logical step. We let two strikers go, after all, and Sheringham seems to be what Prior could have been.

Will we dip into the loan market for a Dickenson-esque youngster? Is Akefenwa really keen on coming to us? Or, just as likely, we’re now waiting to see what happens post 1st July, when contracts expire and players start offering blow jobs for food.

Last week in the Wimbledon and South London Press (I think that’s what it’s called, anyway), NC said that a couple of the players we’re still looking at are still under contract at other sides, so there’s mileage in that theory.

Barring any further signings today, it does seem that we’ll be entering into pre-season training with enough players but with scope for more to sign up. I bet if you go down the training ground on Monday you’ll see a few trialists hoping to be picked up. It happens every pre-season, and this one will be no exception.

We’ve now got a fair idea of how NA sees his transfer dealings as well. Two things that strike me about them : firstly, all signings thus far are not what you call sentimental ones. Pleasingly, all four are ones with no prior AFCW (or WFC) connections – one can only assume that NA wasn’t too impressed with the ones who returned to the club for a second spell…

This is why not only do I think we won’t see Danny Kedwell back in a shirt, I don’t think NA wants him either. Ditto anyone like McCallum or Francomb or even Mambo. It may disappoint some, but we’re far better moving on.

And yes, now watch Kedwell sign a three year deal for us next week.

Secondly, our signings seem to come in one of two categories : promising youngster or slightly on-the-way-down experienced pro. Not a washed up hack, but somebody who can still put it about a bit.

Worner, Sheringham and Arthur fall into the first category. Benno, Fuller and (if he signs) Frampton are in the latter. And lest we forget what type of signings Sully snr and Alexander were, too.

We know that NA loves his characters, or at least he doesn’t like shrinking violets, and I don’t think anyone with a surname of Sheringham will be lacking in confidence. Plus, it’s the attempt to have that magical blend of youth and experience.

No, it won’t propel us up to the playoffs next season, not that I think it would do the club that much good (although stranger things have happened – and I think we’ll surprise a few people next season anyway). But for now, it will do well enough.

Is it wise – or even possible – to predict who will come in before we go to Torquay? Whoever we get in will probably be “unknown”, and our manager has shown how much he keeps his cards to his chest – although he did mention that Sheringham was a target a little while ago.

Which is why I suppose he decided to release this statement about Frampton. Personally, I think we shouldn’t go down this route at all, although I don’t think that gazumping will become more of an issue than it was at any other stage of negotiating. And anyway, this sort of thing just makes us look a little bit precious and amateurish.

But at least we are signing players now, and the squad is looking a little less threadbare. Now, perhaps KSL and Luke Moore can make their fucking minds up…