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Dead Kennedys

And after the update this morning bemoaning that we hadn’t yet signed Callum Kennedy – we’ve signed Callum Kennedy.

So, er, welcome Mr K. Just don’t be shit or slow and you’ll be beloved by our supporters.

And this really does illustrate how much we’ve gutted our defence from a good few months ago. It really is a brand new back four with just one player – Fenlon – that was here on the 30th January this year that is any good (which rules out people reminding me of Antwi and Cummings)

We all know that it had to be dismantled, but it really has been taken apart now, so if it still leaks like an incontinent man who’s just swallowed laxatives and a chicken korma, we’ve got issues.

It seems that the delay didn’t come from our end, but simply a case of waiting for Scunthorpe to cancel the contract with him, so at least we don’t need to pay a transfer fee un-necessarily.

Not that such a delay matters so much at the moment, but like this and Framps joining up, news that signings are signed before they’re actually signed is something we’ve got to get used to again.

So, what do we know about our new left back? He’s 6ft1, he used to play for Swindon, and according to Wiki he’s been on loan to Gillingham and Rotherham. And got sent off on his debut for the Millers, so that’s promising.

Also, in the link on the first line, NA seems pretty damn happy that he’s got him:

“First of all, Callum is a very good left-back, which is a position that we wanted to get right. We are trying to get full-backs who will be comfortable getting further up the pitch, but last season we played a bit more rigid.

This season we want to slightly change that and Callum fits the mould. Last season he had five or six assists during his 17 games for Scunthorpe. Callum has got a wonderful left foot and he can take set-pieces.

If we can get him moving up the pitch in advance of the wide players then I am sure he will be delivering quality. Callum trained last week at Scunthorpe and looked sharp in training today with us.”

At least we’re seeing more of what NA is planning in terms of style of play. And he obviously has believed he hasn’t had it right in that position previously. One has to wonder how much further down the pecking order Warren Cummings has gone…

There doesn’t seem to be too many negative comments from those who have seen him play before, which is always a promising sign, and despite his known issues with the medical at Oxford, obviously he must be OK if he was wanted at the Kassam.

Will we get to see him at the Meet The Manager tonight? We did similar with Jake Leberl a few years ago, so don’t rule it out.

Come to think of it, one wonder what else we might find out at KM this evening……………