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Devil Gate Drive fcum2013

Warm enough for you?

Buy Generic Ambien Canada To be fair, given that you could have fried not only an egg but a whole omelette with chips on the pavement today, Big Wimbledon 2 Little Yernited 0 was pretty much as good as one could have expected. True, I’m still waiting for a team to get an 8-0 gubbing (Slutton next week, then?), but this will do. We’re obviously in the stage where the players need game time together, to get properly used to a new playing style and to basically be match sharp enough.

There were times in the first half today where we still looked a little dozy, although there was a real sense we were simply in first gear and could have gone upwards if need be.

It’s obviously a bit too early to say who’s who, but Bayes seems a good communicator (ie yells a lot), Chris Arthur could put the shits up opposition defenders if he’s used as an impact sub. Fuller seems to be somebody you’ll definitely know is a right back, if you see what I mean 😉 And Framps looked pretty decent.

Uk Ambien Online With luck we’ll start seeing some idea of who’s starting against Torquay on Wednesday against the Addicts, as with these split squads it’s still difficult to get a handle on that.

But you can see that there’s a gameplan – or a resemblance of an idea how we want to play – at least being formulated and worked on. Which like so many things is like us re-discovering fire.

Ambien Online Visa In other words – it feels like we’ve got a proper pre-season back. It’s a bit worrying that Charlie Sheringham and especially Ross Worner have been pulled back because of injury already. One wonders whether something more might happen on the goalkeeper front, although Seb did play in the second half.

And the new tactic of keeping the ball away from him at all times obviously worked 😉

Whether this will be one of the final times we ever see him in AFCW colours, or whether the whole departure of Warren Cummings is focusing more than a couple of minds, will remain to be seen. But nobody can say he hasn’t had any chances. Anyway, pre-season rumbles on, as does your editor’s inability to properly deal with this heat. So while I go off for another glass of water…

Ambien Online Overnight Delivery Plus points: We won. Clean sheet. Mostly looking comfortable enough. Frampton. Fuller. Pell. Some of the youngsters look promising. Jacquart will be good when he hits puberty.

Zolpidem Online Purchase In India Minus points: Still some parting-of-the-red-sea moments at the back. Sodding hot.

Zolpidem Buy India The referee’s a…: Bit pitnicking, wasn’t he? Presume he spent all summer under his wife’s thumb and re-asserted his authority today. Hopefully he got it out of his system… Them: Clearly wanted a scalp, but they were Northern Premier and it showed. Especially towards the end, when I would imagine in a “proper” game we would have put a few more past them. They were probably good opponents insofar as they worked us hard, although I’m pretty sure we could have got a PSF against a Conference South side today and it would have done us as much good. And I suppose that’s really my viewpoint on the whole FCUM “thing”, which I don’t think has changed too much from the last time we played them. To be honest, I don’t particularly hate them, just continually non-plussed. We certainly don’t have that much in common, anyway. And I wonder if not only it’s a one way love-fest (as in, they’re far more keen on the whole “brothers in arms” attitude than we are), but whether the concept has taken off as much as they hoped it would. They took less than 200 today, last time they took over 400 and I believe they took a lot, lot more the first time around. So you have to wonder if the novelty has worn off (especially post-beating Rochdale in the FAC)  and its apparent lack of what it’s actually supposed to be is finally catching up with them.

After we do the contractual obligation thing by opening their new gaff, like the Ks friendly I’ll be happy enough to see this fixture quietly put away for a good long while. I don’t think we’ll miss it.

Point to ponder: Whither Rhys Weston? For a trialist who some argue is in the shop window for other clubs, we seem to be using him as much in the team as any of our contracted players. Indeed, if you didn’t remind yourself that he’s not with us you would have thought that he’s in contention for starting at Plainmoor.

Which he may well be.

We’ve heard enough about the centre-back situation, and if he becomes available then we’d be stupid not to consider it. Thing is, would that push Antwi out? Especially if Weston proves to be better in the games we’re looking at him.

Obviously, NA hasn’t been too kind to the defenders from last season, culling all but three (if you count Benno) and two of those aren’t going to be regular starters. If there is some loose ends in transfer dealings still to be done, will our current third choice CB be finding himself on loan?

But then, Antwi was put into midfield today, and looked a bit barrel-chested. Given that we’re after another midfielder as well, maybe our manager was figuring out putting two and two together….

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The heat. It’s worth mentioning it as it was real proper pre-season weather. For a proper pre-season, one would say… (2) New season, therefore new caterers. Apparently nicer than the last lot, but no mustard. (3) The new white kit. TBH, the emblem on the side ruins it, even if the stripes didn’t look that bad. Is it too much for the kit makers to issue actual samples next time instead of artist impressions? (4) Some things don’t change – the tickets still look they were printed for the local village fete.

Anything else? What a difference to the last game we were subjected to at KM. The phrase “18 minutes” seems to have gone into the Womble Cliche Book alongside “nine years”, and even now you do wonder what today would have been like if Jack Midson missed.

We’re naturally ambitious, and once again one sensed today we really want to put last season’s shit behind us. But I also got a vibe at KM this afternoon that for 2013/14 at least, we just want to be comfortable.

If we get another turbulent season, then we’ll have to deal with it, but I don’t think any of us want one. I said earlier that this is looking like a proper pre-season, but I think it’s got the vibe of the mid-to-late 90s games when NA was a player.

We know that we’re going to need time to gel, and it won’t happen quite quickly enough for Torquay. But looking at how we played, one could sense that it will “click” at some point. It probably won’t touch the playoffs, but there is a genuine belief we are we’re going to have some pleasant weekends ahead.

Again, twelve months ago and all that.

When you think about the last decade, it’s either been us in divisions far too small for us (CCL to Conference South), us taking our chances to go up (Conference) or the gradual – and then brutal – decline into struggling for survival (both FL campaigns).

Just about everyone you speak to wants an ordinary campaign, if only for our collective mental health, and we might actually get one next season after all. And like so many other things the Football League has taught us, there’s a lot of re-education to come…

So, was it worth it? Hey, we won. And it was a nice day.

In a nutshell: Phew, what a scorcher.