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Double Bubble

Before I start – your editor showed how much of a life he doesn’t have commitment to the cause by popping down to Casuals 0 Scarfers 1 beforehand. And to be honest, it was a bit dull. Which is a bit strange, as Seb, Benno, Chris Arthur, Luke Moore, Charlie Strutton, Francombe and Sweeney to name but a few. But then, these sort of contests always have that not-really-going-much-beyond-second-gear edge to them. We were more or less on top throughout, and there’s a bit of fitness still to be made, but most of you made the right choice…

sutton2013 For some reason I can’t upload any pictures today on SW19, although after Sluts 0 Maidens 4 you probably won’t care about that 😉 To be blunt, this is what I’ve wanted from pre-season friendlies – a nice comprehensive victory against lower division stuff, and walking away thinking the following words:

Order Tramadol 50Mg Online Yep, that was all right. One problem we’ve had in the last couple of games is that because we’re still in that odd pre-season mindset, teams aren’t really formulated, which means they’re not settled in, which means they can’t really start putting things together. The Slutton game was the first signs of us starting to come together a bit. While I expect the likes of Francomb and Benno to be in the starting XI for Torquay, the first eleven at GGL looked more like the first team… And it started to show, especially after Pell’s goal. Which, by the way, I hope got captured on video camera, because you’ll spend all of next week replaying it. As will Tom Beere for his two goals today. All in all, you can finally see what we’re going to try and do. Pace down the wings, that sort of thing. Typically, George Porter marked his debut by getting kicked 4 minutes in then finally having to go off four minutes later. To be fair, he walked rather than limped off, but obviously Burnley have a “do not break” clause attached to his deal. Our defence looks a bit slow (well, it did at both games), although it looks solid as well as opposed to just being leaden-footed. Though thankfully there aren’t enough speed demons in other L2 sides to make it a major issue each week.

And yes, famous last words and all that. Worner seems to have got over his initial nerves a bit, and he made a good save when we were 4-0 up, so with luck he’s somebody we won’t need to replace bar injury. Other than that, it’s really the nice July pre-season we haven’t had for a good couple of years. Sunny, nice and warm and you walked out of the venue without that sense of dread. Although you’re still wondering who suffers from Derek Duncan Syndromeâ„¢…

Tramadol Buy Online Usa Plus points: We won (both games). We didn’t concede a goal (both games). Pattern of play starting to form (Slutton). Youngsters look like they’re progressing nicely (both games). Kennedy managing to get forward a lot. Beere’s youthful enthusiasm. Minus points: Walton was turgid. Porter getting crocked after 8 minutes.

Tramadol Online Fast Delivery The referee’s a…: Anonymous at Walton, clearly suffering from pre-season ring rustyness at GGL. At least, that’s what I assume explains the constant offsides and “interesting” decisions for Slutton… Them: To be fair to Walton, it was a hurriedly arranged game, and we’ll always love them because of the latrine. You’ll be pleased to know that they’ve now built a nice new clubhouse on the site of the collective Womble urine from back then. Is nothing sacred? Sutton? Still one of the favourite places to go for a pre-season/minor cup game for the obvious reason. Funny how this fixture is quite regular but ones like Ks and to an extent FCUM have fallen by the wayside.

To be honest, not knowing (and in reality not caring) what goes on in the non-league scene, I’ve no idea how good/bad both sides were today. But then, I didn’t pay much attention when we did play at those levels… Point to ponder: Whither Charlie Sheringham? Or indeed, Charlie Strutton? I’ve got to say here, while obviously we can’t draw too much from the pre-seasons, and it only matters when the proper games start, but I’m sort of hoping they come good rather than expecting them to. Or in other words, if this #9 comes along, will either the two Charlies be starting along with them?

To be fair to Teddy’s kid, it’s a new club with a new squad to play with. In his case, a couple of goals and a bit of confidence with JM may well be the issue. But Strutton is so far a disappointment. Yes, we all know what a blue-arsed fly he was towards the end of last season, but I hope we haven’t already seen the first signs of playing for a contract with him. He looked pretty much off the pace at Walton, which was the sort of game you would expect him to start putting his shooting boots on.

True, it’s too early etc etc. But already you sense that Strutton will be the third or fourth choice and impact sub, and if that’s becoming obvious even this early, that’s not necessarily a good thing. He has time, although he might not have as much of it as he might think. Whether the u21 squad will act as a bit of a safety net for him remains to be seen (although he is 24 and does need to step up to the plate sooner rather than later – he’s not a promising youngster any longer), but there are players this pre-season who you can say have made that step forward already. He isn’t one of them. One other thing, although I didn’t see it myself at Walton – Sweeney wasn’t being complimentary when he allegedly called him a “lazy cunt”… Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Two games in one day. Not just for me and a few other mad sorts, but NA and co as well. And Bamba. Wish that the Walton game had been last night though (2) Don’t ask how, but I discovered at Walton that the local paper in the 19th century used to have its own gossip column about us. Yep, under the “So I Hear” column it occasionally reported tales of an Old Centrals player who was seen with two females in a pub in Putney on Saturday evening. And you don’t hear tales of punch-ups after thievery described these days as a “live discussion”…. Anything else? Perhaps this thought resonated more at GGL rather than Walton, but it’s still relevant. It wasn’t so long ago when us playing Sutton would have been considered the must-see game of the season. Bit like Woking was, and a bit like Ks could have been.

And some argue should have. It’s been said more than a few times before that one of the disappointing side effects of our rise since 2002 was not playing teams like Sutton in league fixtures. It’s still amazing that we managed to find ourselves in different divisions to them (and Woking and Ks), and we never really got the “proper” local derby.

OK, we had Carshalton, but there’s no affection there, and they just happened to be down the road for some. But something else became obvious today – not only did we never play these sort of teams, but I’m glad we never did either.

Ordering Tramadol From India Not because going there wouldn’t have been great fun  – they certainly would have been – but facing them would have been “it”. And that might have been as good as it got for us. And no disrespect to those sides, but it was probably too low for us to aim for.

Think about our upcoming fixtures (and I don’t mean Monza). We’re starting to treat games like Torquay as pretty run-of-the-mill. Our must-see game next season is Pompey. I think today just brought home that we could never have been a club like Sutton (or Woking or Ks…).

I don’t think we could ever be happy to jog along with decent three-figure crowds and the odd cup run. We’re certainly not that sort of fanbase, as our almost paralytic fear of getting relegated last season was all too telling.

It’s funny how in 2002 AFCW was brand new and Sutton were the established non-league side around here, while 11 years on we’re in the Football League and they’re never really likely to be in the Conference. I guess we were never destined to properly meet.

But playing them in these sort of games simply reminded yourself of what our future could have been. And how thankfully it wasn’t.

So, was it worth it? Two games in a day and two wins? Better than the cricket.

In a nutshell: The season starts a fortnight today.