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Tubbthumping Every so often, especially at a club like AFCW, a transfer does genuinely make your jaw drop and go “blimey”. Especially in a position that has been a problem for a good year.

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Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Uk So, welcome to AFCW Matt Tubbs. At least for this next twelve months. To be honest, when the rumours first started from the local press in Crawley, I never really believed it would actually happen. It was inevitable that we would be used as a pawn for him going to Gillingham or somewhere else. But most likely Gillingham. So to actually get this one over the line, complete with the cliche new signing photo on the OS, is a genuine boost to everyone’s collective egos. Hell, one or two are probably still wanking themselves towards permanent sight damage.

Overnight Delivery Ambien Online The reaction to this has been universally positive, and even oppo fans have had their eyebrows raised. He’s obviously never going to score goals just by himself up front, and the need to get another striker is pretty important. But we have needed a boost on the transfer front, and we’ve got one. So, why did Tubbs join AFCW? Well…:
“The manager was a big factor. I think this club is pushing in the right direction. I’ve met the manager on quite a few occasions now and he’s always spoken highly about the club.
If he can bring the players in who he wants and the fans all pull together then there’s no reason why we should not push for promotion. It’s a case of me coming here now and repaying the manager’s faith in me.

I do have to give NA credit here, because he has been able to “sell” himself and us to a player who I think would genuinely be sought after. Whether having Danny Bulman with us pushed Tubbs in our direction, but at least he has been able to back up his comments after Midson left. You know, when he said he could get somebody in on loan who would be better than him.

Buy Ambien Overnight Cod One does wonder how much we’re bunging AFCB for his services this upcoming season. The Cherries paid £800,000 to Crawley when Lee Bradbury was there, and Erik Samuelson made a pointed comment about how Mike Richardson’s dough helped us nab him. We’re never going to pay £800k for anyone for a good long while, nor would I want us to, but it’s obvious we do have a bit more money to spend. It does make you wonder with the list of players we released what they were really on in the end.

I doubt if Midson was cheap, and the rumours that Seb Brown was at one point one of the highest paid at the club have never been properly denied. Plus of course, it does put into practice the buy-better-players-but-have-a-smaller-squad approach that TB failed at but NA is having a better go of.

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Crawley fans are predictably unhappy, apparently, but fuck them. They really can’t be in good financial health if they couldn’t get Bulman to re-sign for them, and now a guy they had on loan last season has dropped a division. I doubt if this on their website is done by accident. Christ, even we only do such announcements when we’re looking for Academy players.

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Zolpidem Paypal Presume reality is finally hitting them? Your editor will happily bore people about the days I covered their games a decade ago, when they were a mid-table side in the Conference, playing part time and getting crowds of about 1200.

It seems that Luton are sniffing around Andy Drury, and could prise him away to sunny Bedfordshire with a £100k bid. They’ve had a lot of momentum in the past 5/6 years, and now it’s unravelling. Either that or their ex-players think that John Gregory is a prick.

Ambien To Buy I have to say, it would be quite funny if we draw Crawley in the JPT (or even FAC) and win. Especially at the Broadfield Stadium, which if nothing else will make up for the other lousy times we’ve had there. And who knows, maybe they’ve still got all those anti-DK and pro-Tubbs t-shirts that were official merchandise in our game there? You know, all the ones that sold so badly they eventually had to give away for a quid.

Zolpidem Tartrate Buy Online Uk We do still need more players, of course, and the rumours about Akinfenwa still rumble on. Maybe today’s news may push that one over the line too? It’s often believed that signing a good player causes a domino effect, and who knows who may now fancy wearing an Admiral shirt next season. The last SW19 update mentioned NA was after three strikers, which is now down to two. If the Akinfenwa story does prove to be genuine, and we keep him away from Chicken Cottage long enough to sign him, we buy ourselves a bit of time.

OK, Tubbs is on loan, but it’s for a season and not until January, and he’ll get treated as a permanent signing. It does make you wonder whether we’ll get a second loanee up front, a la Smith/Appiah, or whether we’ll get some non-league starlet who we could bring on along with George Oakley. It’s certainly going to be an interesting few weeks for us, especially with this statement of intent today. We’ll obviously need somebody in midfield to supply Tubbs/AN Other striker with the opportunity to score, and one presumes (or hopes) that is near the top of the shopping list. Lest we forget that we’ve had a lot of players gone out of the club, probably more than we intended to release, and despite all that has been said in this update and the last one, I don’t expect all places to be filled by the time the first cross country run in training takes place.

But then, when contracts expire and players find themselves only playing with themselves for entertainment next season, that’s when you can hoover up some decent talent. The PFA released player list is the Rothmans’ (OK, Sky Sports) Football Yearbook of transfer speculation, and there’s over 540 players sans contrat on there. Although it does have some very familiar names on there who most definitely have clubs… The positions we still need to fill are all important, but the priority has to be the second striker. Once that gets sorted, players in other positions aren’t nearly so expensive to get in. This might be one of those times where it may now be better to wait for the right player to come along if we need to. Think of Barry Fuller coming onto the market when he did. I can’t find the link anywhere, but NA reckoned on six (now five) new players and one youngster before the campaign starts.

And even if we have to dip into the loan market for one or two of them, we should be able to fill those roles.

One of those positions will be the one where we can be legitimate choosers for once – the reserve goalie. We will need one as we’re in an u21 league next season (and I presume Shaun North is still with us?), and this really will be a case of us taking a youngster and developing them.

Cheap Zolpidem Tartrate The Final Third Development League, to give it a catchy name, is in fact the Central League which has now expanded to the South East. So it’s basically the traditional reserve league given a fancier new title. It does sound like a godsend for those who find their Tuesday afternoons free, as you can pay to get into games. And yes, your editor sometimes finds himself in that position…

Ambien Sleeping Pills Online Whether we’ll play at KM I don’t know, I doubt if we will, but even if we head to Walton Casuals again it’s the sort of thing we need to be in. And something that’s been the case for a long time. So, with all that there is a sense that finally, things are starting to come together a bit. Success isn’t guaranteed of course, and we’ve still got some personnel to add. But the Tubbs signing today has genuinely lifted people, and has made many think we’ll attract some more decent enough players as a result.

Buy Generic Ambien Cr Now watch Tubbs break his leg at Margate…