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Dons 4 Div 3 plymouth_wembly_1 Currently emotionally and physically drained, so no “proper” report until tomorrow.

I do have just about enough adrenaline to put down a few random thoughts that are going round in my head right now. No doubt I will reuse them again and pass it off as original material.

— We deserved that today. The fear your editor had beforehand that we’d freeze on the biggest stage of all didn’t happen. In fact, we grew into it after a very nervy opening half (when was the last time you saw so many mistakes on the pitch?). — Tactically, we got that spot on. Take a bow NA and co, and he can definitely enjoy the summer now.

Order Ambien Cr But we also had that desire to win that was almost frightening. Whenever we lost the ball, we attempted to get it back straight away. That might have won it as much as actually scoring twice.

Buy Ambien From India — We were outnumbered, and that could have worked against us, but it didn’t seem that we were second best throughout the game on that score. Especially when we scored.

— If I was a Pilgrim right now, I would be very pissed off with my team’s performance today. Apart from Roos making that save from the free kick, they didn’t give us as much grief as I would have expected.

Buy Zolpidem Er Online Then again, they pretty much bottled it this season, being leaders (I think), before slipping into the playoffs where arguably they should have gone up. — It was perhaps written in the stars that Akinfenwa would get on the scoresheet as he’s now played his last game for us. Though his post-match interview was a tad on the “gizza job” scale.

Normally I would expect these things to be announced after today, and finding out that Callum Kennedy is also leaving us is testament to their professionalism.

— Finally, fuck Franchise : them being in the same division as us is a circus, and we only have to deal with them twice next season (bar cups).

Instead, think of who else is in L1. There’s significantly more enticing fixtures next season – there’s Millwall. There’s Charlton. There’s Bolton. And Sheffield United too.

Coventry as well. Ditto Walsall. There’s Peterborough and Oldham, three more clubs we’ve never played in the AFCW era.

Don’t forget some old familiar names from seasons past. Gillingham will get a good turnout again. Likewise Southend. I don’t even mind going to Rochdale and Swindon again, and your editor might be able to do Scunthorpe and Chesterfield this season.

And who know – we might even finally get to beat Oxford for the first time this millenium…

— Oh, I lied – this is the final bit. We’re in League One. And it feels fucking great.

More tomorrow. If I get up.