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Another point…


Should have been better, could have been worse…

To be honest, I’m not sure what to make of Slop 1 Salop 1. It wasn’t a case of a point earned, but maybe two dropped instead.

And is one of those results I hope doesn’t end up biting us on the arse at the end of the season.

As you can gather already, I was doing the day job for this, so watching it “properly” is a bit different to being behind the goal with people you know.

So if you feel that this report is lacking something, you now know why.

Which could also equally apply to our play yesterday. OK, we looked more solid, especially in the first half, and after they scored we got going again.

But something is missing.

Part of it might simply be the killer instinct. If we had that, we would have been about 3-0 up by half time and still stroking various genitals about being within spitting distance of Franchise.

Whatever it was, it’s still a point rather than three. Which admittedly is better than nothing…

The game? Well, we scored early on (and it was a decent strike by Taylor), and then we fell flat a bit. Until they (inevitably) equalised after the break, and then we kick into life.

Go figure, as they say in France.

Other than that, I’m struggling to get a handle on that game because it did end up getting ruined by somebody who got their refereeing licence in Poundland.

More on him later. As for the rest of it…

Plus points: We didn’t lose. Taylor scoring. Recovering from their goal. Slowly starting to come together.

Minus points: We didn’t win. Conceding so soon after the break.

The referee’s a…: This is for all those people who thought that after the windowlickers of L2, L1 officials would be wise sages whose knowledge of the game transcends all.

Yesterday should have finally put your delusions into the ground.

Seriously, when everyone thinks you’ve done a shit job, it’s probably best not to go to Tesco without covering your face for a little while.

WRT Shea’s slight exaggeration of getting their bloke sent off, to be honest I’m not sure if I blame our shotstopper for it. After all, we got fuck all else out of him.

As we all know, his dad refereed us in our last home game. At least, we assume it’s his father, you can never quite tell when it comes to referees and procreation…

Them: Like most teams we’ve faced this season, they’re not so far ahead of us that relegation becomes inevitable. The trouble is, they’re strugglers like us and we really need to win these sort of games.

Which considering how lousy we are against bottom feeders normally, isn’t particularly promising.

I don’t think they did enough to beat us, although their goal did have a bit of inevitability about it. Sometimes I think we go out in the second half expecting exactly that.

Mind you, we can tell how bad they’ve been recently when one of their guys in the press box said “for a short while we were almost out of the bottom four”…

Point to ponder: While Clarke-gate finally dies a death, could this whole episode change this season for the better?

We’ve now had two games with Shea in charge, and we look a little more, well, confident at the back in both of them. Whether that’s down to our new #1 or whether things were that bad with Clarke we’ll never know.

And it’s that word – confidence.

Things haven’t clicked fully yet, but we did seem more of a unit in defence yesterday. Some games you get that feeling that we’ll buckle, and for Shrewsbury and last week at Charlton, we didn’t.

But then, confidence goes through the whole team, too. I mentioned about killer instinct earlier, and that’s part of it.

While it may seem unfair to Clarke to blame him for stuff elsewhere on the field, there’s more of a happy vibe around right now. I felt it yesterday as well as at Charlton, and if we’re sensing it – the players do too.

It’s been a tough introduction to life in L1, and it’s clearly dented our self-belief. But if our strikers aren’t put under more pressure to cover up the mistakes in defence, they too will start finding the net.

Yesterday was Taylor’s first goal in the league in open play this season, and that’s taken until the end of September to do that. We need more goals from him anyway, and hopefully that corner is finally turned.

We’re at Coventry on Wednesday, and there isn’t that feeling of dread going against a former WFC foe. True, they’re also shit at the moment, but they’re the sort of games that if you win, they can boost the ego.

After all, if results had gone better yesterday – we could have been above Franchise this morning. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t have liked that…

Truth is stranger than fiction: The new pop-up bar facilities – I assume they were popular. Though what happens when it’s winter and it’s pissing down is anyone’s guess. Apart from collecting the rainwater and reselling it as the lager they sell.

Anything else? Not really. Press boxes aren’t conducive for this particular section, so you’ll have to fill in this bit yourself.

So, was it worth it? Dunno, really.

In a nutshell: Roll on Coventry. Three words rarely said in the English language…