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On our way to Wombley

A very quick update that nobody will read, and I’m only doing now because of a sodding flu-cold concoction this week… By the time your editor boards his flight to New Jersey this evening, we’ll know how many goals we let in against the Spurz collection of fringe first teamers and forgotten starlets.

One or two will be seen as a good result, three or four will be disappointing, five or six embarrassing and higher than that will probably see the first AFCW-related suicide of 2018. Of course, we might even keep a clean sheet and win. But nobody is on enough medication to believe that.

This is a bit of a strange one. We’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, except perhaps our confidence and dignity of a heavy defeat. And I think the vast majority of us aren’t expecting too much today. With good reason. We’re L1 shite, they’re a decent PL side. They’re at home – well, Wembley – and we’re not. And while we’ve seen a little uptick in form and confidence, there are still some genuine fears about our full backs today. For once, the Sunday afternoon viewing of a poor defenceless animal getting torn apart won’t have David Attenborough commentating on it. To be honest, all I want to hear from today is that we didn’t disgrace ourselves. I’d like to think we’ll put in a good performance against a weakened Spurz side, for many of these players it’s a good chance to make a name for themselves. And for once the 0-0 and go for a late winner approach might actually work this time. I doubt if we’ll even see the likes of Kane and Dele Ali on the bench (think Jamie Vardy at Fleetwood yesterday) and the FAC these days has shock potential more than ever. Most people will also enjoy the day out, though some don’t seem quite as excited as others. Which I can understand, and not just for the way we’ve played so often this campaign.

Wembley does take away from the thought of playing Spurz, although unlike the whole semi-final rubbish these days they’re there for a good reason. Imagine today at WHL instead.

Plus of course, deep down we all know the FAC doesn’t mean nearly so much these days. We know that our opponents could go out today and they won’t feel too ashamed by it.

But it’s the occasion, a cameo in the big time again, and I guess once everyone gets there it will be the equivalent of a free hit – take a swing, and you might not even miss it.

Anyway, I’m back before Blackpool. You can handle the Frenzydome without me…