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Through the Mill

And the most predictable result of the weekend goes to…

To be honest, I think many if not most of us were half-expecting us to lose at Millmoor the New York Stadium. We’d been on a good run of form, confidence was growing, and much was being made of us not conceding in 2018.

You know how in old war movies the guy who is about to marry his girlfriend is the first to get killed? That.

If nothing else, yesterday will bring us down to earth a bit. Rotherham aren’t as shit as Bradford are at the moment, and it’s a well-needed reminder that we’re certainly not safe.

A cursory glance at the L1 table (and stop laughing at who is third from bottom) proves that you’re only a couple of bad results from being sucked into it again, and that’s the case for everyone up to twelfth.

By the sounds of it, we weren’t completely rubbish. In fact, some there were saying we were better than even being mildly rubbish. The trouble is, playing well and losing still means we get 0 points.

Right now, playing shite but getting a point or better will do more to ensure we’re in L1 again next season.

I don’t know whether it was even for 65 minutes, as NA said after the game, but this month especially is not the time to start losing form.

Ordinarily, this result shouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, there’s more Bradfords and Southends than there are Rotherham in this league after all. And just as bad form can cripple you with seven games in the next four weeks, it can help immensely if you keep your head above water.

By the time we play Charlton at KM on the 3rd March, we only have eleven games left to save ourselves. The worst slog will be over by then, and we won’t need to run our players into the ground any more than is necessary.

I’m maintaining an open mind about staying up, as there’s simply too many twists and turns yet to come. If we are to do that though, we’ll need to still go out with the mentality to win games and not to avoid defeat.

Starting with Bury on Tuesday. Well, assuming that it gets played, that is.

This is a picture of the Gigg Lane pitch before their Blackpool game yesterday. This is the weather forecast for Bury. Doesn’t bode well, really, and if it does go ahead there’s chances of injuries galore on that.

Mind you, there always seems to be a fixture once every couple of years that always gets postponed. We all know what happened with the original fixture, the referee broke the world record for sprinting when he saw a snowflake falling.

I hope he enjoyed the afternoon he had with his wife at the Trafford Centre, the pussywhipped arsehole.

If it is to be called off, I’d rather it was done tomorrow afternoon. This has nothing to do with team preparation and everything to do with your editor’s hotel cancellation policies. So get your money on it being at 12.01pm on Tuesday…