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Getting Old

Oh dear, that wasn’t quite in the script… I suppose the best thing you can say about drawing 2-2 yesterday was that at least it wasn’t a loss. And that other results did manage to not damage us that much either.

But this was an opportunity wasted. Not once, but twice.

Ordering Zolpidem Tartrate By many an account from yesterday, we were quite lucky to get the one point rather than the three. Watching the highlights, while we took our goals well, we should have done better with the ones we let in. Which is what most games in L1 are like, if truth be told. Although how much worse would things be if Pigott hadn’t been signed…?

What this means is that we’re not going to get a comfortable last three games of the season. It would be apt for a campaign that can best be described as “wretched”, at least ones that don’t fall foul of a swear filter.

Could it go down to the last game of the season against Bury? Perhaps, and in some respects it would be deservedly so. I think we’ve lost the right to have a docile last couple of games, where you simply pay even less attention to what’s on the field of play than normal. And that’s just the players. We do still have our fate in our hands, though. Rochdale (especially), Walsall and indeed Oldham may have felt yesterday they have taken no steps forward themselves, and while there’s some uncomfortable looking fixtures ahead this week – our biggest obstacle still remains ourselves. Did last weekend against the Saddlers take that much out of us? Or is it the old problem with AFCW, namely that we don’t handle complacency very well?

There was certainly a lot of optimism – and yes, expectation – that we would be practically safe this morning. And to be fair, we did go 1-0 then 2-1 up. But the old weaknesses resurfaced, and we’ve got another reality check again. Suddenly, Wigan away next Saturday is a game to be feared again. And there’s plenty of nervousness about Bury as well. An already relegated team that we may simply have to beat. What could possibly go wrong?

The upshot of yesterday is that we have to go into our last three games as ones to win, and I include the trip to the DW in that. It’s their promotion party, and for once let’s actually try and be like old skool Wimbledon rather than just pretending to be.

A classic bit of party-pooping would really go down well. After all, we did go to Ewood Park this season and win.

I’m really not comfortable with what a few are saying this morning that we should go for a weakened side there. That could cause immense damage to our goal difference if they’re in the mood for it and we’re not as it is. But imagine us playing a second string, and rather than losing 2-0 or 3-0 we concede five or six? And we then go into Bury realising our goal difference is worse than NA’s tactic of playing Taylor on the wing. No, we’ve forfeited the right to pick and choose what games we play well in now. We have no other option. If Darius gets injured with a bad challenge next Saturday, then that’s the cards we will have to play with for the final two games. Although we’re more likely to pick up crocks during the training sessions anyway.

Chance of fatigue? Christ, it’s three games left before a three month break – they should be able to manage that. Besides, if the possibility of avoiding L2 isn’t going to pump up the adrenaline….