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I see skies of blue… … not today though. It’s pretty cloudy.

Best Place Order Tramadol Online Only another 46 points needed for safety. I’m not sure if the Coventry game would count as a point gained or two dropped. Perhaps a mixture of both. By the sound of things we were stronger than last season, to the point where at least one matchgoer commented that if this was 2017/18, we would have lost that game. And maybe yesterday, we should have won it. The big talking point is the penalty, or rather the one that didn’t happen in injury time. A clip here, and here. And, well, I’ve seen them given…

It wasn’t, of course, although the reaction of our players told a big story. Notice how the Coventry players were keeping it cool as if to say, “yep”? Then again, the official did sound a bit of a goat fiddler.

Still, it’s a point, and it’s better than a loss. A 0-0 against Coventry does make it feel like it’s 1989 again, rather than 2018. It’s only two games in, etc etc and two of our next three** are the biggest tests we’re going to have for a while. ** – we’re playing Walsall on the 21st August, in case you’ve forgotten. And I bet many have.

But the comments from those there seeing us for the first time are similar to the ones expressed after Fleetwood. There’s more about us this time around, and more of a team and less like a bunch of hostages (kudos to whoever came up with that gem).

In other words, we look stronger. Two of our strikers are causing a few eyebrows to be raised, not in a good way, namely Appiah and Hanson. Both badly need a goal, and the longer they go without one the worse it will get. The former will probably find the net at some point, if he doesn’t get injured beforehand. Hanson? He’s already playing second fiddle to Piggot, and while there’s going to be squad rotation aplenty (not a bad thing), he’s likely on bench warming duties for now.

And it does suggest we should still be looking for an additional forward.

Tramadol For Sale Cheap Our firepower, or current lack of it, will likely prove the difference between us being lower mid table and being higher up. I don’t think we’ll be good enough to be anything other than top 12 at best, though this division isn’t quite as strong as some believe.

Nor do the initial signs suggest we’ll be fighting against the drop for too long, if at all, which is the minimum one should expect this campaign. But Fleetwood should have been a bigger scoreline, and who knows what better finishing could have done yesterday?

We still need to keep Deji, and it was interesting that NA singled him out for praise afterwards. I don’t doubt that Ipswich would have turned his head, although one suspects they could have been trying to get him on the cheap.

After all, if they had come in with a decent offer, we probably wouldn’t turn it down – especially as it would still give us less than a month to replace him. This is going to be one of those unintended consequences of this new transfer window, with the loan-into-a-permanent-deal aspect. We’ll now have an important player in an even more important position, who could be gone at any stage this month. I won’t question his professionalism at all, but no matter how focused Deji is right now, at the back of his mind he’ll be thinking “will they come in for me again?”…

Your editor was at Luton v Sunderland yesterday, and I think that when we play the Mackems later this month, a bit of an old-fashioned get-in-their-fucking-faces approach could do us good.

Tramadol Online Pay With Mastercard Both sides are undeniably decent, and we’ll need all our new-found resolve, but at least we can go into such fixtures without fearing the worst now.

Oh, and Luton must be the only club in the Football League who need a new ground almost as much as we do. At least we’ve only waited 27 years for ours. Actually, a thought : we played Coventry yesterday without even thinking too much about their stature – they’re a club who, let’s be honest, should be in the Championship.

Barnsley and Sunderland are big deals, undoubtedly, but they’re not the big oh-my-god-we’re-playing-them type games we had not so long ago. It’s almost like we expect to be facing those sort of clubs these days.

I suppose that’s down to the notion that the more you play these sort of sides, the more blase you become about them. I just hope we don’t become complacent about them.

Finally, it seems like the new smart card entry system worked without too many glitches, and you can hear the all-round sigh of relief coming from various AFCW quarters.

Those there can say whether the queues were any longer than before, though I’ve seen very little comment about it elsewhere.  Which is undeniably a good thing.

Yes, I would have been happier with the knowledge that it was given its first run-out at a PSF, and while it went well yesterday – it was still a big risk using it for the first time with 4700 people. After all, that’s why new stadia have ramp-up events.

I also wonder if the club sold many of its Oyster card holders for the ST cards?

Still, it’s another step forward in the modernisation of the club. I’m sure the powers-that-be have received more information about who turns up and who doesn’t yesterday than at any other KM game.

Apparently, crowd counting happens in real-time now, rather than waiting for all stubs to be collected and hand-counted. What the advantages of that are I don’t know, but then again – it is 2018.

Come to think of it, there’s been a bit of a taste for updating the way we do things. Golden Goals, one of the more reliable forms of fundraising over the years, has also had a makeover and is now in scratchcard format.

I suppose they’re easier and less time-consuming to do than the old folded-ticket format, and having a sponsor for it now helps with costs.

Can we still use the same joke we did last year whenever we hit a barren spell? As in, you buy a GG, you scratch it off and it says “November”.

I know WFC used to do scratchcards where you usually tended to win 25p or even 50p if you were lucky (I assume that the “top prize” of £100 or whatever never properly existed, because it would involve getting money out of Hammam), although they’ve been absent from AFCW.

A stronger outfit, upgraded ticket entry and promotions. Whatever next? Christ, we might even reach the second round of the Carabao Cup…