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Here we go again Welcome back 2017/18. Almost…

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I’m not going to waste too much time this soggy Sunday morning on Accrington yesterday. I wasn’t there, and even if I was I’d just be telling people about Scunthorpe last week. The question is – why?

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Buy Cheap Tramadol Overnight Delivery Another very poor start, and only getting into it when we’re practically down and out. Like last Saturday, we clawed it back to a goal, and like eight days ago we still limped out with nothing having shot ourselves in the foot. The stats don’t lie right now. Our last six league games read : LLLWLL. If you include the Chuckaturd against Swansea, it’s three bad performances in the space of seven days.

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Tramadol Online Order Never mind the glorious heroics of Sunderland and Barnsley feeling like eons ago – winning at Gillingham feels like that right now too. I know the accuracy up front is still an issue, and it was telling that those watching yesterday suggested Jervis made a positive difference. But something – something – has now gone badly wrong with our back line. Too much tinkering? Perhaps, it was telling that King got dropped for McDonnell, who apparently did OK.

I did read NA’s post game comments, the bold bit mine: “The first 35 minutes was as bad as we’ve been all season. I have to stop doing team talks before the game because last week we talked about the things we needed to be mindful of and today I said that their line-up was very attacking at home. I knew they were going to come at us early on. I told the lads, ‘let us be ready for that, let’s do our jobs, and win our battles’. Away from home, you need to do that. Then I watched as we did the complete opposite.

Either he was exasperated afterwards, or he let something slip out that perhaps he shouldn’t have done. He was certainly mentioning a fair bit later about giving players information, which maybe suggests there’s a communication breakdown already. And given it’s less than ten games in, it isn’t a particularly good sign.

This is, after all, a largely overhauled squad this campaign – five outfield players from 2017/18 started yesterday, and a fair amount of dosh spent on the rest. And yet there’s a pretty strong feeling of deja vu… The rub is, we’re reaching October where we now face three clubs below us in the table – at home to Oxford and Bradford, then the long trip to Plymouth (who I saw yesterday at Charlton and didn’t play like a team down the bottom).

Tramadol Buy Online Cheap You don’t need me to tell you how much we’ve got to ship up before then.

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Because if the reaction(s) this past seven days has been anything to go by, there’s still a lot of hangover from the last campaign that only got suppressed, and never properly went away.

Patience is starting to wear thin again, and with very good reason. And 18/19 was supposed to be a much nicer experience, wasn’t it…?