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The Art of Positive Thinking

Or to put it another way – why do we perform better when we least expect it?

So, another win away from home then. And another clean sheet to boot. Maybe we should sack off playing in front of crowds forever?

You know, like that outfit called “Milton Keynes Dons” does each week.

It’s got to be said, after t’Stanley last week it’s been pretty gloomy over the last seven days.

Losing at Leyton Orient in the ex-JPT thingy didn’t help, although it was a dead rubber and most of us forgot we were playing in it to begin with.

And it’s fair to say people were expecting the worst in Wiltshire beforehand.

Predictions of 2-0, or 3-1, or 4-0 to the Robins were commonplace, and with good reason. It was the sort of game we’d lose and go on that spiral of decline after such a promising start to the season.

Maybe things are different this season after all?

Before I begin – while things are what they are at the moment, and I’ve actually kind-of got used to no crowds at games, yesterday should have been one of those away days.

A local(ish) game, no other fixtures on (so your editor would have been at the County Ground too), a likely decent away turnout and a fixture that rewards us with the ultimate prize.

They would have had to close pubs full of Wombles at 10pm yesterday simply to save their livers from further damage.

But we are where we are. And that includes us not being quite so shit so far.

As usual, I didn’t see the game itself – I went to Tooting and Mitcham for some actual live football – but this sounded like a job done, and done well.

We did what we’ve failed to do so often since we got into L1 – we took the opportunity we had and were strong enough to see it out against a side who weren’t much better than we were.

If there was one criticism that many were making, it was the lack of the second goal. Which is something Hodger himself has picked up on:

The only thing we didn’t do was counter as much as I would have hoped. We did it in the first-half and we opened them up a couple of times and in the second-half we didn’t do it, even though we had opportunities.

We didn’t drop off, but we couldn’t find that pass. We were not clinical enough and that is something we need to work on.

We probably defended a bit more than we wanted to do, but we defended brilliantly.

To be fair, if that’s the only negative point from yesterday, it’s not a bad one.

I wonder if GH knows that this team is capable of finishing comfortably this season, and is now trying to push them to that next level?

In the not-very-distant-past, we’d be pleased if we created more than one chance in a game. At times, we would be doing a lap of honour if we’d got a corner.

That you can almost rely on us to score in most if not all games is a 180-degree turnaround, and one exceptionally welcome too.

Whether we’re (over)relying on Piggy I don’t know, he’s definitely getting mentioned in the media.

All this before the domestic transfer window closes too. I hope if somebody does come in, we hold out for as much dough as possible.

Speaking of transfers, it seems like we’ve got another one in the pipeline. From the SLP:

“We’ve had it bubbling for weeks now,” he said. “It should happen this week, if not then definitely next week.”

At least, I think it was a transfer he was talking about. It might have been a fart instead.

The question is, if it’s not flatulence-related, who would we bring in? If it’s not an experienced old head (which IMO we still need, regardless of position), or a straight replacement for the outgoing Piggy, we’re left needing somebody in defence.

We kept clean sheets yesterday and at Fleetwood, but our back line has cost us against Plymouth, Northampton and t’Stanley.

If we can sort that out before this window shuts – a big “if”, admittedly – then we might be on course for a very good season after all.

So, we get to bask in this win for another seven days, before our inevitable fuckup against Shrewsbury next week.

By the sound of it, we’ll be doing it without Stuart “Stayed At The Wedding” Douglas, who is reportedly off to Bournemouth.

Whether it’s pastures new, or whether we’re having to bite the bullet because of financial constraints, we’ll never know.

Though I would argue that having a physio is quite an important part of a football club.

If we’re replacing him, I hope whoever comes in will know how to keep our players fit, and get the likes of Ollie “AWOL” Palmer ready for action.

I hope Douglas gets a nice writeup on the OS. Hell, I hope he actually gets an acknowledgement he’s gone from official club channels in the first place.

Has Vaughan Ryan departed too? Unless it was a major falling out, he should be mentioned in passing at the very least.

The puff-piece in yesterday’s Sun gave us more info in one article than we seem to get in about six months officially.

I’m not that bothered it’s an “exclusive”, and I expect our (part time) Comms Consultant has had more than a hand in this.

Unlike the vast majority of national newspapers, the Currant Bun actually bothers to cover the EFL, especially at L1/L2, and it’s a good a place as any to have this sort of thing in.

I would bet more of our own fans read it than the Guardian, although our supporters are most likely of all to read the Telegraph…

Hearing the museum is a goer is a good thing, and voting on whether the new pub should be the Sportsman or the Batsford Arms** will be a popular election.

** – personally think it should be the Sportsman, as from memory it was around a lot longer than the Batsford was.

Definitely think that whichever one wins, the other name should be used for one of the other bars inside the West stand.

At least it wouldn’t be some generic shite like “Donnies”.

Admittedly, I know very little about E-Sports (or “E-Gaming” as Joe Palmer calls it), and I care even less about it. But the youngsters love it, and they are our future after all.

NPL becomes ever closer. Just think, the next international break should see us finally back home after all these years.

That’s in mid-November, and I still think our first game back should be then rather than Doncaster in midweek.

And who knows – maybe we’ll actually figure out how to win at home by then…

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