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Oxford Vaccine

If this was a proper match report, I would have labelled this AstraZeneca 2 Sanofi 0.

While half of you will be googling the references I’ve just made, and the other half are waiting for your Pfizer jab, our own defensive lockdown continues aplomb.

I’m bored of writing the same old shit, that I have done since, well, October. I know you’re bored of reading it.

There might be a bit of bright light ahead though, and it might have come after we went 2-0 down.

Whether it was by design, luck, or simply a level of pissedoffedness that finally made us snap, it sounds like we went for it.

Even Oxford fans were saying their keeper kept them in it, and on another day (when Piggy hadn’t injured his trotter) it might have been a different story.

No, I didn’t see it, but I’m told that we changed formation after looking like we were heading for yet another gubbing.

And lo and behold – we might have got something from the Kassam after all.

Those with longer memories may remember in the L2 promotion season, going to Newport and shitting the bed at 2-0 down by half time.

Unlike that day in south Wales, just before the Xmas period as it goes, we didn’t claim a historic draw that led to a period we’ve not matched since.

But maybe – maybe – we’ve shown there’s an alternative to the horseshit we’ve recently served up.

This place avoids tactical discussion like any number of plagues that aren’t Covid related, but for this I will make a dishonourable exception.

If we changed the way we do things and we played better as a result, then we should adopt that immediately.

Because the way we’ve set ourselves up has failed, and failed miserably.

It just doesn’t work, and it will never work unless we completely change all the squad. And even then I don’t think it will make that much difference.

What I hope most of all is that GH himself has seen yesterday, and realise that he has to do things differently himself.

If he doesn’t, and we revert straight back to the useless formation that has worked so effectively (for the opposition), then we’re in real trouble.

It will be back to the worst days of the Ardley era – a stubborn, almost ideological adherence to a system that deserves to fail.

I just can’t understand why we’ve not tried something different up until the second goal yesterday.

With NA, there was often a sense of, “the fans tell me to change our style, therefore the fans are wrong”.

GH cannot afford to be that, especially as those in charge of AFCW these days seem less tolerant of crap.

Ask Walter.

Personally, I’m glad Ipswich are all lurgied up and Tuesday is off, because there has to be some serious thinking done this week.

We might be able to give a little bit of credit from yesterday, but we should not give anyone involved too much kudos.

Remember – we lost. Again.

Results are the only thing that ever matter, and we’ve currently got nowhere to hide on that score.

If our collective patience snapped after going 2-0 down, and we changed things because we’re fed up of being fed up, then great.

Because we’re heading towards yet another relegation fight, and this time I doubt we’ll be saved by the Rona…

Yesterday saw Piggy absent, a foot injury apparently. Presumably he dropped his signing on fee on it when signing a pre-contract with Charlton.

We might have to face life without him by the end of January, or at least put some money towards a more-than-adequate replacement.

If he’s on the last year of his contract, he might stay as a potential suitor would prefer to pick him up gratis. But we shouldn’t rely on that.

Longman may return to BHA, and we’ll need the all singing and dancing Database to come up with an alternative if he does.

As for the others? It’s unfair to call Ollie Palmer a flop just yet, but some are already labeling him as so.

If anyone needs to go on a goalscoring streak, it’s him.

As for Roscrow, the longer it goes the more likely he’ll end up at FGR on a long loan. It just doesn’t seem to be happening for him, and proving that picking players up from obscurity often doesn’t work out.

Of course, we have other areas of equal concern, that need sorting sooner rather than later.

But one of the best signings we can make when the window opens is for at least one player we’ve already got…

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