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Main Line Service Crewe

Everything comes to an end at some point. Even losing runs for AFC Wimbledon.

Yes, it’s true – we didn’t lose at Gresty Road yesterday. OK, we didn’t win either, but right now we’ll take anything.

That last night and this morning/afternoon feels as much a win as an actual victory says more about how shite we’ve been recently.

Certainly more than the game itself, that I think hardly anyone expected much from beforehand.

It was a performance (and result) that we would have got earlier in the season. One of those credible ones that made you wonder why we could never do it on home soil.

Piggy’s goal after two minutes might have come a bit too early, perhaps, although this time we managed to not let it slip until 28 minutes later.

Crewe’s equaliser was one of those ones that go against you when you’re down the bottom.

Although your editor was at QPR yesterday, and seeing the goal on SSN led the guy next to me to ask “where was the defence?”.

Explaining that’s how it’s been all season can be quite demoralising…

Thankfully, there was no inevitable collapse this time, and it sounded like we were good for our point.

Hearing Luke O’Neill has a thigh (?) injury so soon after returning isn’t good though. Neither is Kalambayi being on crutches afterwards.

We’ve definitely needed the former.

But as welcome as yesterday was, it isn’t us turning the corner or stopping the rot – we need to do more than that.

Doncaster on Tuesday and the Freak Show coming to town next weekend can easily set us back a few more steps.

Obviously, I think we’d all trade in the game at the Keepmoat for dishing out the most brutal of all hidings next Saturday.

Yet I don’t believe we should just focus on stuffing Franchise when there are so many other games to play.

Like everyone else, I’m hoping the worst is over and we get back to actually looking like we belong in League One.

As we all know, our last victory in the league was, and still remains, Peterborough at PL on the 2nd December.

That yesterday was the second point we’ve earned since beating the Posh tells you everything.

While the 3-0 against Sunderland was perhaps a little bit harsh, the 4-0 at Fratton Park certainly wasn’t.

And I’d like to think those two games in particular – especially the one on Tuesday – contributed to yesterday’s draw.

Was the debacle at Portsmouth one fuckup too many? Hopefully it was, and the penny finally dropped for everyone involved this week.

Some of GH’s comments in recent times have been puzzling, as though the actual results and performances are just some figment of everyone’s imagination.

That said, there was a marked change in tone before yesterday, although there’s only so many times you can tell “home truths”.

There was also Joe Palmer’s attempt at being Joe Biden, although I have to admit I didn’t bother watching any of it.

Our CEO, that is, not America’s CEO.

I certainly don’t doubt that George Dobson arriving on Friday – and coming on as sub yesterday – was a statement of intent.

Whether we need a defensive midfielder is up for debate, although anything that will help our back line not have PTSD during games is welcome.

We have a week or so left of the transfer window, and you definitely feel we need another addition or two.

Do we have the money to do so? According to Lee Johnson we’re making a contribution to Dobbo’s wages, so presumably we have.

While I think we need an older head coming in, any more signings are more likely to be loanees like our recent addition.

Will that be good enough? Well, there’s still enough of the season to play, and it does seem we’ve finally woken up to our recent form.

But it’s best to enjoy the rest of this weekend, even if it is snowing outside. A draw away from home at a top ten side isn’t bad at the best of times.

I’d rather not have Donny on Tuesday (and I’d prefer not to have Saturday’s foes in existence full stop), but we could do ourselves a big favour this next seven days.

Remain unbeaten until this time next week, and we might well be on the right path again after all.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll even keep a clean sheet…

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