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Burton’s Biscuits

No, I’m not going to make a Jammie Dodgers quip here. And no, I know they’re not from Burton…

Dried off yet? At least the worst rain I can remember for some while didn’t stop us from finally stopping the rot.

I don’t care that we came from behind yet again, nor do I give a flying fuck about it being yet another late show.

We did the minimum what we needed to do, and the next fortnight is a lot easier to digest.

I’m not going to say that when we went 1-0 down I knew we’d get back into it, because I didn’t.

But one does wonder what it would be like today if we hadn’t.

It would have been four straight league defeats, and with the fallout that comes with it. Which wouldn’t have been pleasant.

Some quarters would have been questioning Robbo’s tenure, and I shudder to think what grief Hartigan would have got.

Watching the Sky Sports highlights, and it was a brain fart, it has to be said. And unfortunately, not the first time from him in recent weeks too.

Mind you, it was a good finish by McCormick, right when we needed it too.

You could sense the relief around PL just by watching those highlights, so those there would know what it was like in the ground.

And being sans Palmer as well. I wonder if he enjoyed the 0-0 at the Amex yesterday?

I was going to comment on Robbo’s OS comments, but they were too full of boring tactical discussions.

I don’t doubt he’ll be using this enforced break on the training ground, and maybe try and reset a few things that need it.

And it’s for the best that we get the weekend off, especially considering the circus that would have awaited us.

Imagine losing yesterday and then losing there

Yesterday was also the first time we’ve play at Plough Lane v2.0 when it’s been pissing down.

I didn’t read too many adverse comments about behind the N/S/E Stands, though the hipsters in the street food section will have got their beards wet.

One or two comments about how slippery the concourses were, and the club will have to do something about that.

Leaving the constant ticketing fiasco** aside, we do seem to be fully settling into life back home now.

** – I wonder if/when it comes to a head, what form it will take? A financial black hole that many will point out has only occured because of AFCW’s incompetence?

Yesterday was yet another new test for the first time in three decades – what happens during a “normal” run?

Shit recent results, even shittier weather, against opponents who don’t exactly get the pulse racing.

It seemed to have turned out fine. There were few complaints afterwards, anyway.

I forget who said it, or exactly when, but I remember many years ago a quote which went something like this:

“We’ve fought for the right to be annoyed when we play badly and lose”.

With Plough Lane, it feels like we’ve slogged away for 30 years not for the glamour ties, but for fixtures like yesterday.

I don’t know when my next trip to SW17 will be, but the next time I go I expect it will feel like we’ve been there a long while.

Of course, that’s us older heads saying that. For some yesterday it will be one of the first football games they will have been to.

They’ll have a decent ground to watch it in now. And judging by this doing the social media rounds, from little acorns…

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