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How’s about that then, boys and girls?

This won’t be a long update – your editor is away from this afternoon until the 27th October – but we needed this.

What was it, our first win since Morecambe away?

By all accounts, the scoreline didn’t reflect our play – it could have been more, and probably should have been, too.

Thankfully, Lincoln were sufficiently shit enough not to take any advantage of our lack of goalscoring.

Although you wouldn’t know that judging by the highlights on the Sky Sports website…

Scoring a penalty in the 5th minute, then not conceding for the other 90 is nothing to be sniffed at.

I’m glad Aaron Pressley netted from the spot, although he does need to mix them up a bit more.

After that, it seemed to be job done, and done well.

And keeping a clean sheet too. Tzanev will be wondering what that additional bonus payment will be in his bank account this week.

Basking in a win is always nice, especially one away from home – and when you haven’t had one for a while.

There’s a lot of phrases like “hard work”, “run into the ground” and “worked their socks off” being used this morning, which are music to the ears of any Wimbledon fan.

I bet the limbs are aching a bit this morning. And that’s just from the supporters.

All 369 of us there last night, which is a pretty damn good turnout on a Tuesday evening.

It certainly looked special at the end, anyway. And as somebody in the comments pointed out, was that Kalambayi running over to Toby Sibbick?

It’s just a shame that it was away, and we only get a couple of days to enjoy it before Wigan come to SW17.

Predictably, they decided to let Franchise in from behind last night. And they lost to them on the field too.

Maybe we’ll get the long, overdue win at Plough Lane on Saturday?

One final thing that may have slipped under the radar. We now know that we’ll be facing Guisley in the FA Cup.

I’m glad it’s at home, because we should win (which means we won’t). And I’d like to think it will ultimately be a solid victory in the end.

It really depends on our attitude in the day, although one suspects MR will be treating it as seriously as us playing Wigan.

I’m sure they’ll take the 1000 allocation, and most of them will be Leeds fans on a day out.

And no doubt every single one of them will be complaining about the price of beer…

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