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Nodelbmiw CFA

Given we’re at Bolton tomorrow, that’s one for the Monty Python fans out there.

It’s a palindrome. Honest.

I suppose AFCW itself could be one big episode of theirs, thinking about it.

Half the team specialise in silly walks, the ticketing system was designed by an illiterate in a knotted handkerchief, and the OS specialises in spam.

And yes, a lot of Monty Python was crap and tried to be too clever.

I think I’ve now overused that particular angle, just as dullards overuse that “Messiah/Naughty Boy” quote.

Your editor preferred Not The Nine O’Clock News. Which gave us the underappreciated genius of Life of Python…

Anyway, it’s yet another important game for us, at the Reebok Macron University of Notlob Stadium tomorrow.

Assuming this wind doesn’t damage things beforehand, and gets it called off.

It might not the worst thing if it was, as it turns out we’re going up there without McCormick, Assal, Hartigan and Rudoni.

The first two we know about anyway, and despite what I’ve just said – it’s best to get their suspensions out of the way.

Losing the others is impeccable timing, I don’t think. Especially as we’ve got probably the most important three games of the season thus far coming up.

Hartigan is out for 2-4 weeks, and you have to wonder how long Rudoni will end up being sidelined.

Couple that with AA missing too, and we’ll end up having to bypass what passes for our midfield.

Insert joke about Wimbledon and style of play here.

It’s a good time for whoever comes in to stake their claim for the run-in. It’s games like these where your season can turn for the better.

Tomorrow will not be easy, and as such I’ll be very happy with a draw come 5pm.

If we lose, then we’re just hoping Sheffield Wednesday, Pompey, Plymouth and (especially) Shrewsbury do us a favour.

Yes, we’re relying on other teams to bail us out for the nth season in a row. And yes, it’s tiresome that it’s yet again the case.

One day we’ll learn how to escape this culture of failure. Today is not that day.

You do have to wonder what is it about us and injuries on the training ground, and not just what happened this week.

We’ve had quite a fair few this season IIRC, and when it happens that often I don’t think it’s just down to bad luck.

Are the facilities as good as they could be? I mean literally on the grass.

If not, perhaps we should make that one of our priorities for the near future? There was some discussion, apparently, about buying/going into partnership at another location, but that’s gone quiet.

We might have baulked at the cost of it, but it’s something we can’t avoid forever.

I’m sure the club are already planning Plough Lane Bond number 14, with 33% interest rate payable over a century.

Some of our supporters are already planning to sell their other kidney to put some money in.

Snark aside, this is the kind of thing that the club needs to fund anyway, and on a regular basis too.

Raising money for PL via PLB2 is fair enough, but it’s easy to forget a football club needs to pay out more than just the obvious.

We all know about player wages, and there’s extra motivation to make Plough Lane as nice as possible.

But something like a better training ground also costs a lot of money.

It’s not an obvious cost, probably because it isn’t glamourous enough for most people. But you can’t avoid having one.

Or indeed, even a crap one where players end up getting crocked because it aggravates injuries.

But these are the sort of things that will put more pressure on the AFCW finances, perhaps even in the medium turn too.

Although with the politics of the club being what they are, we’ll only properly sort out funding once we find another financial black hole…

It might be that our current training facilities are actually OK, and there are other issues affecting us there.

Whatever they are, they’re costing us personnel and subsequently points.

Even if they’re solvable quickly, they will have come too late for tomorrow’s trip to the north west.

I’m not there, which is why you’re getting a Friday update. To be honest, I don’t have much hope from this game.

But then, like Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition sketch, nobody should expect it…

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