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Pie in the sky

No, we still haven’t won a game. Like you expected anything different.

Going to be a half-arsed writeup today, as I think there’s not really much to say this morning.

We lost, it was a mistake by the Bulgarian Kiwi, and we still haven’t won since t’Stanley away.

Ordinarily, losing to a big spending side away from home, especially one that’s right up the top gives a “meh” reaction.

And despite our current plight, this is what the general reaction has been since we lost.

We all know these sort of games won’t decide our fate, and in truth Plymouth won’t be either.

Your editor will be at Home Park, by the way. I will need a few pints beforehand just to make watching the game worthwhile.

People are currently calm. I don’t know whether it’s because yesterday was the mythical free hit (we’ve run out of those now, in truth), or whether people have just accepted how shit we are.

We’re still going out of that weird hope that somewhere down the line, we get that unexpected win from somewhere.


A bit like seeing a tuffed deer, or a Kjetil Waehler appearance, or a Franchise fan who can dress unaided.

You know such a concept exists, but you’ve yet to see one.

Right now, it feels like we’re in some weird purgatory. We should be bottom four by now, yet we’re not.

If only the teams below us could lose every week like they did yesterday.

Robbo didn’t sound particularly upbeat, and one wonders if reality is starting to dawn on him.

Namely, he’s running out of ideas. If he hasn’t already.

While I was typing this, the OS put up a post-game interview with Will Nightingale, and it’s the usual “look at ourselves” stuff.

One thing AFCW is very good at, it’s navel gazing. Off the field especially, and increasingly on it too.

How about just trying to win a game once in a while? Radical thought, I know.

To be honest, I’m just wondering where this all ends up now. Going 16/17 games without a win takes its toll.

We’ve got a head coach who is maybe getting painfully found out, with a squad that got signficantly weakened when we sold Palmer.

Contrary to an increasingly widely-held belief, MR is not unsackable. Though I don’t blame anyone thinking he is.

But I don’t believe a slow, terminal decline into League Two is going to go swimmingly.

Is the plan to keep Robbo next season regardless? If so, why? Especially if he’s not going to get any actual experienced coaching staff next to him.

If not, then what is the actual plan now? Unlike at KM, the club shouldn’t suffer too much financially now we’re back home.

But it’s not just about finances, and debt, and other abstract things. It’s about the product on the pitch most of all.

Like most things at AFCW, those questions will get answered for us, no matter how much we seemingly try to ignore them.

Keep not winning, and there will eventually be a reaction. The question will then be – when, and in what form?

I don’t think that will happen in deepest Devon on Tuesday, and it might not happen next week at home to Lincoln.

But if you want to avoid the very real likelyhood of something going awry, maybe we should stop looking at ourselves and actually win a game…

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