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Gunt Work

Somehow, I resisted the temptation to use wordplay with something else ending in “unt”…

So, welcome to AFC Wimbledon Chris Gunter. And yes, he’s a player you’ve heard of.

Not only that, but he’s a current Welsh international. A proper one at that, and might well be missing in November in Qatar.

I’m not too sure what’s more shocking – us getting somebody like him, or the fact we’ve actually got a new player full stop.

But then, I suppose that’s why we’ve needed to be patient, because the likes of CG are about, and some of them are in our range.

And he’s also Wales’ most capped international player. Not bad for a free agent.

So, how have we managed to get him? Well, he was released from Charlton under JJ, before our current boss himself got the sack.

JJ in particular might have though he wouldn’t cut the mustard at L1 next season, but feels in the fourth tier he could do a job.

There doesn’t seem to be any history between the two, because CG could have gone to Gills or Leyton Orient instead.

It’s only a one-year deal, it’s probably all we can properly afford and it might be the ideal length for all parties.

Having a manager (and assistant) who look like they’ve coached grown men before also helps, and I guess having a bigger budget** does too.

** – as well as having more spending power with it. League Two does have one or two perks.

I’ve noticed some less than positive comments from Charlton fans about this signing, and some may remember Shrewsbury supporters about Cosgrove.

Having seen our new signing in action at the Valley and before that Reading – I’m taking their words with a dose of sodium.

He might be older, but you don’t lose your footballing brain, and it’s the type of signing we’re clearly holding out for.

Think of his experience, who he’s played with (and against). This might be what Terry Skiverton meant when he said the current squad needs help.

I have to admit, a bit like my first thought when Johnnie Jackson was axed, I did wonder if Gunter was a feasible signing for us.

Admittedly, it was under Mark Bowen that I felt this, and once he returned to Reading I kind-of wrote the idea off.

So seeing his name flash up on the club’s Twatter feed was a bit of a surprise. But a good one at that.

Whether we’ll get another signing in this week I don’t know. We’re currently training in Cheshire, apparently, but even we can do more deals while we’re up North.

Earlier today, we said goodbye to Dan Csoka, who has moved back to Hungary.

He was conspicuous by his absence at Bedford Town, and we now know why.

With Gunter’s signing though, it’s strengthened the back line. Him, Brown and Pearce should be good at League Two level.

Are we looking to bounce straight back? CG says he knows what the aim is next season, which should hint we are.

Our midfield is actually OK, so the main focus should be on the strikers.

We might see movement on that this week, we might not. It’s the hardest position to get right, after all.

Buried in the Gunter writeup, JJ might also look at some less older players. I quote:

“We’ll be mixing it up. We want experience but at the same time we will be looking at getting some younger ones in. It’s not about age, it’s about the experiences that they’ve had in the past.”

Is that an admission we’ve been knocked back in the transfer market? And if so, will we be going down the loan route after all?

Whatever happens, Gunter is a good signing for us. I think he’s what we tried to achieve with Darius Charles last season.

Except with the likelyhood of him actually playing one or two games.

I’m sure you’ll have your own list of which positions need filling, and I expect things to get going now.

And if Rudoni really does end up moving to Luton, we might have a bit more to play with than first thought…

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