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Pell is Real

And a knowing tap of the hat to any reader who knows Columbus, OH or Cincinnati…

So, peace and affluence to Harry Pell, who has re-joined us, for a fee from t’Stanley.

And a piece of effluence to McCormick, who we’ve finally got shot of. Hopefully for lots of money.

More on our returning player in a bit, but our now departed midfielder has left a pretty bad taste in the mouth.

Rumours that he was acting a stroppy wanker in pre-season, and reportedly considered so disruptive he had to train alone, seem plausible if not likely now.

Hardly anyone – and I mean, anyone – is saying a good word about him leaving.

Even the OS couldn’t bring itself to write more than 49 words on the departure, which some would say is 47 words too many.

Compare and contrast to Jack Rudoni, who deserved his move to Huddersfield. Even if he didn’t quite deserve having to move to Yorkshire.

McCormick was a typical signing from last season – young, Premier League Academy, and maybe not quite as good as he thought he was.

He was a part of the failed squad from last season, and he’s certainly replacable.

I’m sure you can find his shirt-kissing words from when we signed him, and today has been a reality check for some of our naive support.

Players generally don’t give a fuck, especially when they’re from “top club” Academies.

I’m sure he’ll be giving it the big one down by the Severn, how he’s at somewhere that appreciates his talents.

He’ll do well to remember that the last time he was at the Memorial, they too got relegated with him.

Third time (un)lucky?

I expect he’ll bounce around the lower divisions for his career, as he doesn’t yet seem to twig he needs to knuckle down.

He won’t be the first or last player to act like that, but they never have the success they sometimes expect to get.

Let’s see how long before Joey Barton wises up.

One other thing that I hope we learn is never to allow the selling club to take a huge percentage of any future sales.

Chelski are going to take a fair whack of what Rovers are paying us, and we shoudn’t put ourselves in that position.

We’re much better just paying a straightforward fee. Especially as it’s only likely to apply to Academy players.

And really, a lot of these young kids at the top Premier League clubs aren’t worth the hassle.

We do better with Brentford, who are currently ahead of Chelsea in the top flight, anyway.

Every club at some point has a McCormick type player, and we’re no exception.

As long as we learn from the mistakes that we’ve made, that’s the main thing. That and taking a massive wage drain off our books today.

It’s nailed on that we’ll play Brizzle Rovers in the FAC this season, probably at home. So I’m sure he’ll get a warm reception if so.

And it’ll be even warmer if we win…

Anyway, he’s gone. But we get to welcome back Harry Pell, who does genuinely seem pleased to be here again.

The rumour mill about his return was correct, and when I first heard it I dug out what I wrote when he left in January 2015.

That link in the piece about him not wanting to leave us in the first place is still there on the internet, by the way.

Some interesting observations were, er, observed back then, and whatever unfinished business he may have, he can now put to bed.

Needless to say, your editor has his usual reservations about a player returning to AFCW, and I remain a bit unconvinced by this.

While Ryan Tunnicliffe was never a go-er, does this mean Forster-Caskey is not coming to us then?

This is in contrast to many others though, who felt he should never have left us to begin with.

They may be right, and Pell certainly has more experience under his belt.

Cheltenham, Colchester and t’Stanley have taken him on since. The latter seem very fond of him, and it’s clearly one of those occasions where he’s left there on good terms.

Naturally, JJ is pleased to get him (does a manager say anything else when they sign a player?), but this bit caught my eye:

What’s really important is that he was desperately keen to come to us. I want people that are keen to be part of what we are doing here, so in that respect it’s exciting.

Hmm. And hmm again.

I guess Pell is going to be the experienced midfielder we were so badly lacking at Mansfield this time last week.

Maybe this is going to be the last of the incoming players, although I’m still expecting some last-day shenanigans.

At least the McCormick move – and Pell’s arrival – isn’t going to drag out, and we can focus on Barrow.

The last time our new signing was here though, we were fighting to stay in the Football League.

Let’s hope his arrival doesn’t wind back the clock too much…

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