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Only a football club could have a nickname named after a typical football injury.

So, the unbeaten run continues then. After the heroics of the Orient game, Dirty Old Town 0 Dirty Old Men 0 might be considered a bit of a disappointment.

In one way it was – we had a chance, so did they, and that was about it – but this was also one of those games where I was happy with a point.

Not because we were particularly bad, but it was the sort of game where we were likely to lose to either a bit of skill or (more likely) a fuckup.

We’re now seven games sans défaite in all competitions. Although before we get too carried away, that includes a penalty defeat to Pompey and the Weymouth embarrassment.

I fully expect we’ll lose that record in either of the next two games, but for now – it’s a nice contrast from earlier in the season.

Yesterday proved a couple of things. Some will argue that Woodyard returning at the same time we’ve gone unbeaten is no co-incidence. It possibly isn’t.

Yet I think it’s as much to do with finding a style of play that a) the players are happier with, and just as importantly, b) is effective in League Two.

We did tire yesterday, and Salford almost took advantage of that. Which is perhaps what the biggest takeaway from yesterday is.

Missing Assal wouldn’t have been so much of a problem if NYC was fit. But we had hardly anyone on the bench who could come on and freshen us up.

As Salford proved, this division isn’t all that if you do the basics right. Shame we said the same about League One last season though.

Still, I think we can be content at this moment about the direction we’re going in. We didn’t look like a team heading out of the EFL, which is the main thing this season.

Can we make that playoff push after all? Who knows, it depends what happens in January with the transfers, and if the club gives JJ more than £1.50 in funds.

After the last few years, it’s so nice to be finally looking upwards again. Even if it’s a strange feeling…

Plus points: We didn’t lose. Clean sheet. Solid all round. Didn’t play that badly.

Minus points: We didn’t win. Few chances. Looking knackered at the end.

The referee’s a…: Hardly noticed him, as it goes, which is the sign of a well-officiated game.

That said, he did do his Clive-Thomas-in-Argentina-1978 impression at the end, awarding us a corner then blowing the full time whistle before we could take it…

Them: As said above, it proves most of this division isn’t all that.

They might have won it at the end, although it’s to our credit we kept our concentration long enough to see it out.

And I don’t think they would have totally deserved a victory if they did.

I didn’t realise it until after the game, but Tom King was in goal for them. For those with short memories, he was replaced by a certain Mr A Ramsdale and the rest is history.

I can’t remember what he said about Ardley when he left, although I seem to think he might have been too close to the truth for comfort.

Their ground was like I imagine a revamped Kingsmeadow to be like, even down to the KM toilet blocks.

The pre-game music was a mixture of Madchester, OMD, Soft Cell and other 80s-tastic tunes.

Needless to say, they played the Pogues version of Dirty Old Town before the game. Personally, I prefer the Dubliners version…

Point to ponder: Is JJ exactly what we need after all?

Amazing the difference a few decent results can do, isn’t it? Only the very deranged are calling for his head this morning.

He can sit back this morning with a little bit of satisfaction that we’re on our best undefeated run in some time.

His post-match interview obviously wants it to continue, and as said earlier – we (and he) now have a playing style that works.

It doesn’t matter how we got round to that, whether it was a series of bawling out at the training ground or something else.

I believe his job was genuinely in danger, and had we lost to Harrogate we might have had Simon Bassey back in charge.

Which would have pleased some, if not your editor.

While I stand by my pre-season belief that the playoffs are achievable this season, it was dependent on how quickly the manager – any manager – could turn us around.

JJ is starting to do that, and I’ve got to the stage that when we get a setback – we’ll pull out of it.

Somebody elsewhere this morning likened our manager to the current Arsenal boss, and he wasn’t referring to his clothing attire either.

Some will still complain about the lack of entertainment, but this is L2 and you need to win ugly.

And besides, I didn’t hear too many complaining after Orient…

Truth is stranger than fiction: 1) Many years ago, your editor had a leak in the grim looking building near the ground. I’m not sure if it had a toilet though. 2) Trains sounded fucked. Bet it was fun back with the Brentford fans. 3) Only 24 or so on the supporters coach. A typical figure, apparently. 4) Their tea bar servers had their names on their bibs. Resisted temptation to say “our Trace” to poor Tracey…

Anything else? What is it about small clubs in the north west and being bankrolled?

Salford, Fleetwood, Fylde, Manchester City, and no doubt others I’ve forgotten or who have yet to have cash injections.

In the case of the Ammies, it’s clear what their owners want to do – become a surrogate team for Yernited fans.

FCUM are fading, and if you’re a local it’s tempting to go along there on a Saturday. It was commendably cheap too, at £15 entry.

But being at the ground yesterday – how many of the home fans will be truly bothered once the money dries up?

Teams like Oldham and Rochdale are poorer, less glamourous and struggle as much with the giants in the north west as anyone.

But you go to those places and they care. And that’s something that’s crucial at any club but is often overlooked.

Take ourselves. We care – if we didn’t, we wouldn’t exist.

Sometimes (OK, often), too many people at AFCW forget we’re primarily a football club – which is something that will become obvious on various social media outlets.

But at least there’s something in it for us. What will motivate somebody supporting Salford yesterday who wasn’t there less than four or five years ago, when the novelty wears off?

I might be unfair here to them, and they will put the hard yards of supporting a club when it goes pear shaped.

Will they though?

I’m not one of these fans who think these nouveau riche clubs are taking the place of more “established” outfits.

All bar one club in the EFL have earned the right to be there, and it’s up to others to step up.

Yesterday though, Salford left me with a sense there’s something missing from them.

It’s something we and most other clubs have. It’s difficult to explain what that “something” is, but I’m glad we have it…

So, was it worth it? It was OK.

In a nutshell: Still unbeaten.

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