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Goodbye to 2022/23

Who is the bastard that booked this mess, indeed?

I’m not sure what’s more predictable – me posting this very tune after just about every season closing.

Or that it still manages to convey the horrors of the campaign just completed.

But the past nine months are now history. You can switch off, enjoy your weekends and go off on holiday if you haven’t already.

Because for the umpteenth season in a row – it’s sucked donkey dick.

For one final time until August, I’ve just steeled myself to watch the lowlights, and, well, what can I say about their goal?

If you could sum up the season in just one moment, it would have to be that. It’s almost majestic in its shittyness.

There were 367 of us up there yesterday** and I can certainly imagine what they were thinking.

** – though didn’t the club say we sold over 400 earlier in the week? Presumably a few people returned their stubs.

Or they decided to get pissed in Cleethorpes instead, which was the better option.

I note the Iraqi Scouser didn’t play, a plantar fascia tear apparently. Which sounds like something you buy in Home Bargains.

There isn’t much else worth saying, although is it true Chris Gunter got booed when he came on as sub?

He’s on the out list, as are McAteer and Pearson (and in truth probably most if not all the other loanees).

Maybe one or two of them will return as our own players?

But the release list is the most eagerly anticipated news item now, although some people will be spitting blood if it’s not released by the time I post this.

I don’t expect it to be announced today, in fact I’m not sure if it will be released this week.

This is AFC Wimbledon after all. Why do something in three days when you can take three weeks and five committees to make the same decision?

When it does arrive though, I think we all want it to be longer than the list of fuckups since 2016.

There’s the low hanging fruit that’s bound to be on there, but why do I get the feeling many will end up being disappointed by it?

Especially when they read the bit saying “All players not listed on here remain under contract”…

Still, we can look forward to that. In the meantime, we can look back and lick our wounds again.

I won’t go as far as saying this was worse than 2021/22, because objectively speaking we never looked really likely to go down.

Much of what’s happened in this period just gone is still a massive hangover from back then, and before, and we’ve obviously not managed to deal with that.

There’s massive pressure on both Jackson and AFCW to turn it around this summer though.

If they don’t, it’s just going to get more and more unpleasant for those in charge.

I shudder to think what will happen if JJ gets it wrong, and what it will be like in October/November if we’re struggling.

There’s been disquiet for a long time, it’s just that it’s been suppressed because of returning home and keeping our League One status.

Well, we’re back in SW17 and we got relegated after all. And patience has finally run out.

The club – and its various decision makers – need to get that feel-good factor back pronto.

This was brought home to your editor this morning, after seeing Luton v Hull yesterday. Two sides where you sensed they were heading in the right direction.

The Hatters may yet fail in the playoffs, in fact I reckon they will, but even the Tigers can look forward with optimism.

At AFCW, people are clinging on to the hope that Cope and Thorn can start turning it around.

That’s all it is – hope and not genuine optimism.

The vibe at Kenilworth Road was markedly different to our own circle, and not in a good way. The fanbase are fed up, and many of them just don’t see a way out of it right now.

The euphoria of going back to Plough Lane dried up during the Mark Robinson era, but the effluence even before then remains.

That in turn feeds through the rest of the organisation, which then becomes a genuine shock to the decision makers who seem naive at the reaction against them.

That in turn makes them paranoid and suspicious, and unwilling to even acknowledge how poor we are on the field.

When a DTB member posts on social media that there’s more to the club, that results on the field aren’t the only thing, it just comes across as tone deaf, patronising and irritating.

Remember kids – AFC Wimbledon doesn’t need the Dons Trust to exist. Too many forget that.

I’m not sure if we’re at the stage of when the whole charade finally breaks down, although if it does it’ll get very nasty indeed.

Our current manager (and the club itself) needs a very good summer and one or two very big early season wins.

He may yet be out by November, which will lift the collective mood, although I fully expect him in charge for the first game.

But there might be the perfect opportunity to turn it around soon into the new season.

After all, we get to welcome back Franchise next campaign, and maybe this time we’ll actually do something against them.

Give them a good gubbing early on, and many will be hastily deleting what they’ve recently posted about our manager…

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