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Rain Mack

Just when you thought AFCW was finally at peace with itself…

Warm, isn’t it? It’s going to be a stifling one tomorrow at Plough Lane (which your editor may or may not be at).

We can only guess whether Stockport will allow us to use their loanees, or whether indeed their coaching staff lumped on us to get promotion this campaign.

I have to admit, I expect the undefeated run to finally come to an end by 5pm – or whenever games finish these days.

Last week at Newport, we looked like we hit the wall just before the interval, which is why we came away with one point instead of three.

I didn’t go on Tuesday, and judging by the attendance most regulars decided likewise.

It was good to hear that a) we won on penalties after coming from behind, and b) the fringers put in a decent shift.

Oh, and seeing Jack Currie return to action. I think we’re going to need him and the others for the next couple of weeks.

It’s funny how things get overshadowed though, and this being AFCW – we simply can’t have a “normal” week without something happening.

As the world, his wife and his secret mistress now know, Danny Macklin announced his departure on Monday.

It was a genuine shot out of the blue, and I think it’s fair to say most of us were blindsided by it.

The ominous-sounding “Club Statement” didn’t shed much light on the situation, all we got from it was that his tenure ends today.

Macklin himself gave a somewhat PR-soaked reply on Twatter soon afterwards, which took three pages to basically say he was away from home more than he wanted.

On the surface of it, it’s unusual though not unheard of. Maybe understandable, his wife recently had another kid and I don’t doubt it can be difficult.

One wonders if we’re hearing the whole story though…

I know that being the Managing Director (or similar) at AFCW is a thankless task at the best of times.

You could probably get a much higher paid job elsewhere for the same work. Not only that, but dealing with a certain percentage of our fanbase must be a nightmare.

It’s not unfair to state some of our support are very needy and entitled, almost practically demanding an answer to anything on a 24/7 basis.

This is why the club should change the language of being “fan-owned” to “trust-owned”. It’s probably more accurate and might save some sanities.

So I can well imagine sorting out this club’s day-to-day running must be draining.

Even so, you would expect more reaction from somebody who, in his ten months here, has at least put this club in the right direction.

We certainly appear more professional as an organisation now, and by fuck we need to be. Although drifting in an amateurish way for so long isn’t changed overnight.

But there’s been no “thanks, Danny”, or “I’ve been honoured with work with him” reactions from those within the club.

Hell, Joe Palmer got a nice send off on the OS, and he was a big factor in the recent shitshow.

That may sound a bit trivial and petty, but it’s almost like they want this issue buried deep inside a load of smelly clothes.

For those who don’t know Twatter, it has a function that blocks replies to a tweet made, and that’s what AFCW did when they announced it.

Hmm. And hmm again.

Speaking of social media, Macklin came off it a few weeks ago, which for somebody who has used it a lot in his career raised further eyebrows.

Reading between the lines, you have to think one of two things have happened – either there’s been an issue with the other decision makers, or Macklin himself has dropped a massive turd.

There’s been a few rumours about, and I’m not stupid enough to even hint at them.

I will say this though – it must be very difficult in situations like these for those genuinely ITK to bite their tongue.

Our masters right now aren’t the “owners” but the relevant lawyers. If they’re telling those within the club to keep schtum, that’s what’s going to happen.

That definitely doesn’t apply to the fanbase, who should always have the right to discuss these sort of things.

Given the mood that has built up within the past few years, any attempt at censorship just makes somebody blabbing a lot more likely…

The tragic thing about all of this is how it’s dented what turned out to be a positive vibe within AFCW.

It felt that on – and off – the field we were going in the right direction. The mood post-Chelski was something I haven’t experienced for a good while at this club.

Now? This week has been too much like so many other weeks recently, wondering what the hell is going on.

And that grates.

You’re now left wondering what has gone on to force out somebody in probably the most vital admin position at the club.

You’re also left wondering who will be Macklin’s replacement. Will s/he be an interim appointment, which knowing us will be a quasi-permanent one?

Will they have the “professionalism” that we so desperately need, let alone crave? Or will it be somebody who is cosplaying?

We have too little of the former. And way too much of the latter.

This season has proven to me we collectively want to move on and be more “professional”. Going back to Amateur Hour really doesn’t appeal any more.

Whoever replaces Macklin has to deal with many things, and it must be the right appointment.

I wouldn’t object to a temporary replacement, maybe even somebody who’s just retired from a similar job, but it must only be short-term.

It might not be a decision the club wanted to take so soon, and it may not even be their own fault they’re doing it.

But it’s a decision the club genuinely can’t afford to fuck up. Perhaps in both senses of the word…

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