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Hurry Up Harro

One presumes you’ve all gone down the pub by now though…

Another week, another three points and another one on the road. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen at AFCW.

Make no mistake though, winning 1-0 at Harrogate wasn’t the most glamourous of results, but it might have been one of the most important.

I hesitate to call it “winning ugly”, but it’s these sorts of performances and wins that put up the table.

In our case, second. But remember, we’ve only played teams below us in the table.

First things first, the trip on Tuesday came at a price. Namely your editor picking up the first sore head and even sorer throat afterwards.

It’s not the Rona, although I could really do without currently feeling I’ve been elbowed by Ben Thatcher.

Second things second, it was a game that looking back was always going to be settled by a goal.

And what a goal by Omar Bugiel, especially his first League one** for the club.

** – not his first full stop, as lest we forget he scored vs Coventry at Plough Lane. A match that in hindsight kickstarted our season.

Harrogate aren’t a bad side, it’s just that we went ahead and handled game in shitty conditions with aplomb.

A second goal would have killed it, although I don’t think they had a proper effort. Although you half expected the ball to slip through the fingers of Bass at some stage.

It was a bit of a strange evening all round though. Having to buy away tickets online while standing outside their ticket office – literally – set the scene.

The poor home official having to show people how to register with the Harrogate app, then the credit card details afterwards.

Especially as there was a card reader just a mere few meters away…

Mind you, that was surpassed by the loud crunch I heard en route to the ticket office. A car managed to overturn after apparently jumping a red light, although to be fair the police and ambulances turned up quickly.

Harrogate themselves look every inch the sort of club that will probably find themselves back in non-league when gravity hits them.

Even having just three toilets – portaloos – for at least 250 of us required precision and timing. And a strong nose.

I shudder to think what it’s like when somebody like Stockport or especially Bradford turn up.

Such japes adds flavour to an away trip though, especially when you win. And it was pleasing you couldn’t really find too much wrong.

If one is being picky – we looked a bit tired at times, though Harrogate weren’t effective enough on the evening.

And you sense tomorrow at Mansfield we’re going to really need to raise our game. Those at Field Mill last season will remember being 2-0 up then losing 5-2.

If truth be told, I’m expecting a similar result. Which I hope doesn’t bring out the AFCW Doom Cult who have been forced into silence recently.

But if we draw or, Satan forbid, win…

Actually, I’ll just be happy with this month if we get through it relatively unscathed. We’ve been to Harrogate already and we’re off to Mansfield tomorrow.

We get to go to Barrow and Morecambe about seven days apart (and with a home game vs t’Stanley for good measure).

That takes a toll, and I’ll be glad of the rest afterwards.

Which is why I’m hoping Bugiel or somebody else like Morgan Williams gets an international callup, as it means Bradford at Plough Lane gets moved.

We’ve been lucky with midweekers this season, and a weekend off right now won’t hurt us.

You can’t deny we’ve currently exceeded all expectations thus far, and I bet nobody in May would have predicted by October 6th we would be second in the table.

Under Johnnie Jackson, no less.

There’s many obstacles yet to come, namely the January transfer window. And what happens when we do lose a couple of games, because we will.

For now though, perhaps it’s best to enjoy the ride. Even if you’re currently pinching yourself wondering why we’re second top rather than second bottom…

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