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Cup Runneth Out

Guess we’ll only have two trips to Wembley this year then…

Just some quick words on yesterday, as your editor is heading off out of the country and isn’t back until the 20th of this month.

Losing 3-1 to a side riding high in the Championship isn’t a disgrace. Especially without two strikers, your best centre-back missing and ending up with ten men anyway.

Methinks Pell is going to find it harder to get a starting place this season now. Guess his shithousery is just now shit.

By all accounts, we handled ourselves well, though perhaps wondering what would have happened if we had a full strength side available.

But 3-1 is what I would have predicted before the game, and it pretty much turned out as most of us expected when the draw was made.

A legit sellout for once, so it seems, and it does hint that the regular empty spaces are being used for these kind of fixtures.

The club is within its rights to tell those not using them to either turn up or surrender their ticket, and I hope they do exactly that.

While they’re at it, perhaps they could also sort out getting into the ground? It sounds like the queues were atrocious again, and this tells its own story.

It’s all very well to nag at people to “get there early”, but in the real world that just isn’t an option for many people.

Especially a 12h30 kickoff where people are lucky to get there at 12pm.

Stories that people were spending half an hour trying to get in sound plausible, and something is definitely wrong.

My last game at PL was Colchester, and while I was OK getting in with my ST, a lot of people with printed/mobile tickets were struggling.

That adds about 10-20 seconds to each person trying to get in, and it’s either the ticket scanners themselves or the software used to generate the QR code.

And if it’s the latter – just why should anyone be surprised?

Perhaps the main news right now is Joe Lewis missing yesterday. Who according to JJ was suffering illness and couldn’t train since Thursday.

Maybe it’s the same illness Assal had this time last year, before he miraculously recovered and boarded a flight to Qatar?

There are quite a few rumours and counter-rumours going around about his immediate future.

It’s already got to the stage that if he does go – we’d want him gone ASAP so we can move forward with a replacement.

And no, that doesn’t mean Will Nightingale comes back. Feel free to shudder.

This episode may even be sorted when you read these very words, and to be honest I expect he’ll be back at Stockport this week.

He’s been excellent for us, and it’s a painful lesson not to get too attached to a loan signing. Especially a good one.

This all said, it doesn’t make sense that he played at FGR last Monday. If Stockport want him back, then why did they take the chance and let us have him?

Maybe the theory that Lewis is a backup if they can’t get another CB in this week is true?

The same rumour mill is suggesting Lemonhead will be joining him in the car back to Edgeley Park, though again – why did he play yesterday if that was the case?

Especially as I think he’s out of contract this summer.

I guess we’ll know by the time we head to Wrexham next weekend, a fixture where like so many other sides this season we’ve sold out our away allocation.

Presumably the celebrity glamour affects our support as much as anyone else’s, although the Racecourse is more like Skid Row than Beverley Hills.

A part of the world where ironically I will be very near when the game kicks off next Saturday.

Being Hollywood FC, perhaps there’ll be Hollywood screening parties for our game with them?

And if so, I wonder if they’d appreciate me gatecrashing one of them…

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