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Doing the Ironing

And we’re back. Without our weekend getting ruined to boot…

Before I begin, this isn’t a long writeup. I haven’t asked for any match reports (STTA is only doing the odd one this season, so if you fancy being a regular contributor…), and it’s too early in the season for many.

Any updates might be a bit sporadic this week anyway. I’m currently doing a CompTIA A+IT Support Technician course this month, which is making my brain ache a bit (all employment advice appreciated, excluding the “insert it 45 degrees afterwards” route), and I’m leaving the shiteness that is BT Broadband this week.

So if we do reach this thing called the “second round” of the Carabang Cup (or whatever it’s called) on Tuesday, and you don’t hear much from this place, then it’s not because I’ve fainted. Honest.

I could make a joke or two about technical breakdowns and iFollow, although I won’t. It’s interesting how many people couldn’t log in for at least some of the game, and unless I’ve missed it there were no formal instructions on the OS about working your way around it.

Unfortunately, those who do programming/development are to testing and actually making sure the thing works to begin with what Tyrone Barnett was to scoring. For many, one suspects iPloughLane will still be the go-to place this season.

Season tickets for that are very cheap, by the way. And the people behind it really would appreciate your dough.

Anyway, whether you’ll be online or even physically at KM on Tuesday, we go into that with something from deepest Lincolnshire. To be honest, when we went 1-0 down after however many minutes it was, I kind of expected it.

I know it’s a new season, and all that, but old habits can sometimes die very hard. I watched the replay of the goals, and you might as well have laid down the welcome mat for their player and given him a cup of tea while you were at it.

Decent strike, admittedly, but it’s like praising a swinging drunk for hitting you when you’ve deliberately stood in his way.

To our credit, it sounded like we got the early season ring rust out of our system quickly after that. By all accounts we deserved the equaliser and perhaps even to win it – it’s always telling when you’re slightly disappointed to come away from such a fixture with a draw.

Last season, it was often mentioned that we had a backbone that got us out of some holes. That was before we discovered there were some, ahem, players not entirely on the same page. And while it’s only one game, at least our ability to fight back is still there.

Those there can fill in the gaps about who played well, who didn’t, and who should be loaned out to Woking. And no doubt, those who were absent will still pontificate like all-knowing sages anyway 😉

But the general mood is one of promise. We have a plan A now, which actually works in (at least some) competitive games. Whether we still need the big lump up front or not remains to be seen, but we’ve got another three or so weeks to decide on that.

And as somebody elsewhere pointed out – we’ve already got more points this season already than we had for the first four games last time out…


  1. Windlesham Don Windlesham Don

    I think you’re being a little harsh on us for their goal. Deji and Cal had a bit of a mix up on the other side of the pitch and the Scunny attacker won a tackle with Cal. George came to close down, but he was unluckily nutmegged. When they then passed across the pitch Cody was a little slow getting back, but praise to the Scunny player for being so far advanced. When we spotted the danger Cody and Baz closed him down well and forced him to shoot from outside the box. Again IMO, it was a fantastic shot which gave Long little chance.

    Rather than putting much blame on our defending I’d be inclined to say “well done” to Scunthorpe on an incisive attacking move, where they got a couple of breaks during the build up.

  2. JamPot JamPot

    On past results Scunny is one of our more happier hunting grounds so I was hopeful for a win, wishing for a draw but wasn’t going to get too banged up if we lost. In the end it was the result I think most of probably expected with an improved AFCW and a perhaps still hungover from the playoffs Scunny.

    That we then seemed to have taken the game on after the equaliser and try to win it is both gratifying and perplexing. Didn’t they get the memo from Neal? 😉

    Well done all and lets hope its the beginning of a good campaign.

    P.S. Rob – I can certainly do some of the home game reports if you wish…. just let me know when you need me beforehand

  3. Florida John Florida John

    The iFollow was a bit of a cock up, but I managed, partly as I was suspicious of it in the days leading up to it. And at $140 per season, I wasn’t letting them off lightly. Fortunately I work in IT, and was able to be ahead of their Tech Support. I hope people will support it, as this is a real step forward for those of us Overseas. It can only get better.

    As such we Oversea Dons, will now be able to comment on the games, as we will actually have seen it!

    What is wrong with BT Broadband anyway. (Not that I have a vested interest 🙂 )

    • Ian Ian

      Florida john. Where in Florida are you? I’m based in miami. What were the problems you had with ifollow. Worked ok for me until it kept booting me out saying I was logged in on more than one device. Which I wasn’t. Any tips from someone more versed in it would be very welcome.

  4. Mackiemill Mackiemill

    IFollow started working ok after the first few minutes of (literally) radio silence, let’s see how it does tonight. Thought we played quite well, particularly in the second half. Re BT Broadband – has taken three years of nagging to the very top to get FTTP installed (ok, I know that’s Openreach really but frankly who cares how BT is structured?) – but from the ridiculous to the sublime am going from 1MPS to 300MPs at the flick of a switch, this week. Will need it in years to come too, as all matches streamed live overseas via iFollow likely to go that way in the UK too pretty shortly… (living rural and two hours drive from AFC each way, that’d be handy…)

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