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Harry Forrester open thread

Update later this week or (more likely) the weekend, but for now, welcome Harry Forrester.

It’s a step up from Sevco for him…


  1. Marty Marty

    Considering we were expecting a target man striker and instead have a crafty winger, the optimist in me says Ardley saw he was available and said, probably verbatim: “Fuck me, I’ll have him.” He must therefore be amazing.

    Me The Pessimist says: “lad’s got a shit attitude, so that’s us fucked then.”

    If he can provide service to McDonald and Taylor (and maybe Appiah on a good day) then huzzah.

  2. Kentish Don Kentish Don

    Welcome aboard, Harry!

    First thought: looks a bit podgy. Clearly not going to be 100% fit for a wee while. Speaks well. Articulate.

    Potentially exciting player in keeping with Ardley’s switch to football.

    I just hope Forrester does not end up in the box marked ‘Looked good on paper but turned out to be a lazy tosser’.

  3. alexandra _ don alexandra _ don

    But who’s going to score???

    V. short sighted not signing another striker – hope NA doesn’t regret it by Christmas.

  4. Wu Wu

    At least one journalist on Twitter who announced the signing before the club did has claimed there is a recall clause in January. I can’t see him playing for Rangers again, but I could see him doing a Tubbs. There’s no way we are paying all his wages so we would be vulnerable. Given he’s not fit, we will be lucky to get three months of starts out of him. Oh yes, and no big target man until January at the earliest. Bearing all that in mind, I’m cautious about how useful a contribution he will make. We shall see!

  5. Peter Sneddon Peter Sneddon

    I liked wee Harry, lot’s of heart and an eye for goal, with good handling he will produce, lot’s of skill, an old fashioned kind of street player. Hope he does well at the world famous AFC Wimbledon, a proper football club with proper supporters and great history.

  6. Nesta Wood Nesta Wood

    Thank you, Peter 🙂

  7. Stu Stu

    Good luck to the wee man. Potentially a good player with some character issues but good management may help him.

    Good luck this season to Wimbledon from the Rangers. For some reason, always a club I’ve looked out for – a proper footballing institution.

  8. Iain_6 Iain_6

    As a fan of both clubs (I know, I know, 2 club wanker etc. etc.) I think this has the potential to be an excellent signing.

    He’s got bags of energy (no way is he podgy, Kentish Don, just a bit of a round face), good delivery, scores goals, dangerous from set pieces.

    Prone to the odd rash tackle, not always someone who tracks back, but a definite threat in the final third.

    My biggest concern is that we’ve looked a little out of ideas already this season and resorted to banging it long to a short forward line. Forrester isn’t a big lad so we’ll need to make this new system work… it’s too early to read into what we’ve seen so far, but I am worried we’ll struggle.

  9. Whatadom Whatadom

    If he plays like Michael Hughes then AMAZING !!!! If he plays like Ceri Hughes, FFS Ardley !!!!!!

  10. Slow Train Slow Train

    Delighted we’ve got Harry. I wondered if Coxy publicly stating that’s our business complete was a message to Pompey but from what I hear it’s ‘highly unlikely’ Smith (or anyone else) will be brought in now.

    I’d prefer to have no target man that another Barnett type mistake so very happy with what we’ve got.

  11. Ben Ben

    I guess that there will not more incoming transfers, provided that the club receives huge offers for our players. If such circumstance occur, there may be a need for replacements.


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