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SW19 comments section briefly re-opened

As a picture tells a thousand words, they’re back for a brief time. More on Monday – much more…


  1. Just testing to see if it works, by the way…

  2. KB KB

    Never in doubt .

    • Hash Hash

      Wally’s at the wheel

  3. PloughLanePylon PloughLanePylon

    I reckon that all the great Don’s seasons come from a great keeper. And Rambo kept us up this season. Gawd bless him.

  4. Paul T Paul T

    Thanks for all the coverage this season. SW19’s Army remains my favourite resource for Wimbledon content.

    It has been a spectacular season in hindsight. Everything that a Wimbledon fan should be.


    Congratulations AFCW AND THE FANS. So pleased this
    Season is over and we got over the line.
    Was very miserable seeing the franchise go up and got worried that Bradford might knick a goal and send us the other way. Would have been ironic but thankfully this did not happen. However I’m looking forward to next season with Wally and how he will set us up to play now that the fear of relegation is lifted. I also know we will knock ten bells of shit out of franchise when we play them home and away and am looking forward to it as I felt under Ardley he was too soft on them and we should have beaten them more frequently. All in all a good day apart from that mentioned above.

  6. Clive Botwright Clive Botwright

    Arise Sir Wally of Wimbledon and Sir Glynn of Wimbledon!

  7. Winkle Winkle

    My my my what a wonderful day !! Fantastic support, passion shown by the team (Rambo post match was amazing !!) and a few months ago we never thought this possible !! A crap game in itself but our celebrations more than made up for that !!

    Now let’s start the planning for next season !!

  8. Chris Chris

    I think we need to start a fan petition to Bournemouth to see if we can get Ramsdale back next year. I don’t remember the last time a player had such an influence on this team

    • great missendon great missendon

      I’d like to take credit for the Bradford result having bumped into half the team at Leon in kings x station on Friday. I specifically told Toby Sibbick to go for the win, none of this safe draw business to which they all nodded emphatically, and clearly then. subsequently ignored me on the day.. however I was struck by how relaxed they were and the general camaraderie between them. They didn’t seem like a team who were terrified of the high stakes match they were about to play. The Luton goal seems to be the pivotal moment after all that.. a precious point carved out of such unpromising circumstances. What a team. Has any other set of fans had such a dramatic life? Season after season..

  9. Spiritof88 Spiritof88

    WooHoo!! As well as WAG and all the players, special thanks to Barnsley and Accrington Stanley. They scored 8 goals against Plymouth in the last 2 weeks, with just one goal conceded in those games. Tipped the goal difference in our favour.

  10. If we can’t keep Rambo, then maybe just maybe we can have Mark Travers for the season.

  11. Colin Cooper Colin Cooper

    Fantastic run in the end there. If you were told that we needed that to survive on goal difference, you’d be scoping out the L2 challenge for next year. Having said that, I could do with the excitement being at the other end of the table next season, thanks.

  12. Ben Moran Ben Moran

    What a comeback.As recently as March it looked a tough ask to stay up but full marks to Wally and the squad who pulled off a remarkable comeback to achieve what looked well nigh impossible.Good point at Bradford but the planning for next season starts now as the loanees have to be signed or replaced.New players have to be brought in to hopefully lift the club, in what looks like our last season at Kingsmeadow, a long way up the league table.

  13. Raymond van der Kinkinijpps Raymond van der Kinkinijpps

    Congratulations to you crazee wimble-Wimbledon-wombles from the Dutch Antilles!

    My nipples have exploding with delightful outcomes. Could somebody please tweak my nipples?

  14. Dave Dave

    Probably the greatest escape ever in the Football League – Tom, Dick and Harry would have been proud! An old adage (almost!) “Nil cast a clout ’til May is out” (appropriate on 2 fronts!!). Well done WaG for making a team out of Nil’s negatives and great to see the youngsters getting a go! Loan signings, especially Rams helped us get points that ultimately kept us up – WELL DONE ALL!!

  15. Peter Prentice Peter Prentice

    Always was a Wally supporter and was one of those who emailed Erik. Even then I thought relegation inevitable. We needed three snookers and one by one we got them. Congratulations all round to WaG, though I really wish Wally would drop the “AFC” schtick. WE ARE WIMBLEDON.

  16. JohnnyH JohnnyH

    STAT ALERT: in the last 10 games of the season, we picked up 17 points. Luton and Barnsley picked up 18 each, Sunderland only 15. That is the scale of Wally and Glyn’s achievement; that is also an indication of the ability we have within this squad.
    Neal built one great squad at this club, and actually seems to have laid the foundations for the next one – it’s just that for whatever reason, he completely lost the dressing room, and a parting of the ways became unfortunately totally necessary.
    So the squad needs refreshing for next season, but not necessarily rebuilding; our greatest needs are at full-back and goalkeeper, and at least one LT-quality striker – please!

  17. JohnnyH JohnnyH

    – Deji, Kwesi & Tom Soares may get better offers elsewhere, but I wouldn’t begrudge any of them staying to fight for their place on a much cheaper contract. They bought into the relegation dogfight even if they weren’t in the team.
    – We were always one quality striker light this season, and it showed right through to the end. If we can replace (retain???🙏) Rambo and Seddon, this is a top half squad that could push for the play-offs.

  18. gee gee

    Incredible to think that we only lost 2 games since February. What a recovery. Looking forward to next season. Imagine what WaG can do with their own recruited players. I’d take mid table safety next year although a playoff push would be nice 👍🏼

  19. Alexandra_Don Alexandra_Don

    Such a relief, only downside is playing MK next season.

    Vital we get a good start in August and recruit sensibly over the summer.

  20. Keith Keith

    I admit I was wrong about Wally becoming Manager. He and Glyn have done brilliantly against all the odds. Many congratulations to them and the players. To see us starting games with 4 youngsters who have come through the ranks is great and would never have happened under the previous Management team. It is also clear that with WaG other clubs will trust their coaching skills when loaning players to us. Looking forward to seeing how the summer goes with recruitment and the inevitable cull. COYD.

  21. David David

    The next few days are going to be interesting. I think Wally and Glyn have done incredibly well with what they were given, and the players fought hard and worked their socks off. But I think we were lacking any creativity in attack (in the games I saw) and we need to be scoring a couple of goals per game, rather than nils and 1s (except for freak results like Rochdale).
    I missed Rambo’s mistakes, but from what I saw he was for me, the best keeper we have ever had at Wimbledon.

  22. Jampot Jampot

    So pleased we have stayed up buy like may I thought we were down come Feb/Mar. Make a fight of it was all I hoped for and boy did we; enough to stay in League 1. The cunts coming up is a bit of a downer but hopefully sneaking in they’ll crash straight out. And Tisdale ain’t their messiah. So to us and next year. A good start please with mid-table the target and playoffs a bonus

  23. Jon Moore Jon Moore

    What a turn around by WaG!!! I didn’t think the squad had it in them but how nice is it to be wrong lol Well done to all involved with the club. Get a move on with the new stadium 🙂

  24. Stephen Ward Stephen Ward

    Didn’t want Wally as manager but have to say he’s been brilliant. Sensational performance to keep us up & it feels like he’s building a young team that can go somewhere and he’s doing it the Wimbledon way by developing young players that hopefully we can sell on for big money one day.

    We just need a good summer in the transfer market and maybe next season we can dream just a little bit!

  25. Rob, thanks for keeping this site running this year, it must have been hard having to report on the dismal defeats week after week through the winter. Fabulous team spirit, feels like the old days. Truly wonderful escape. The point at Luton…. Only one defeat in last 12 games, brilliant! COYD

  26. New update.

    Will still keep this open until it automatically cuts off though.

  27. Kevin Kevin

    Another great year for the site, most weeks the only Womble highlight. We needs to ship the dross and be canny with loan / buys. Got to admit was not a WAG fan but cant thanks them enough for saving the season and bringing respect back to the badge. An interesting summer ahead where hopefully they can start to build a spine around Will, Paul, Anthony and Pigs

  28. Ben Ben

    The most important thing is that we’re in a stronger position now than we were 12 months ago. One step closer to plough Lane, invigorated leadership in all areas of the club, young players blooded and now with loads of belief. Plus a better connection between club and fans. Need to a good clear out and a 3 or 4 decent signings and can realistically think about a push for the play-offs.

  29. Keano Keano

    Rob – thanks, as always, for the great updates during the season.

    One thing for me that is noticeable under WAG than NA is that we have been much more consistent. I think we beat most of the teams near the bottom (Plymouth, Wycombe, Southend, Walsall, Scunthorpe, Rochdale etc) during the second half of the season and mainly drew the others. Ok the Gills match was an exception to this, but at least we gave it go and we could have taken something from it on another day. Under NA, I just remember plenty of defeats against teams bang out of form, including in the first half of this season.

    Defeats against Burton and Fleetwood were bad but they were both in the top half of the table all…

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