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And so we get to work…

According to Teamtalk, Drillo has already made his first signing, for about £400,000. He’s a centre-back called Frederick Kjolner (spelling mistakes notwithstanding), he’s 6ft 4 and even though he’ll be poorly paid by Premiership standards he’ll still get much more than he ever got at Valarenga. Our sort of player, in fact. It seems as though he’s to replace Chris Perry, who’s sold out for the almighty buck.

Also, we’re after another Norwegian CB – forget his name – and some Norwegian goalie called Frode Olsen, and no he’s not the manager’s love child. Although it may be too many Norwegians for some Wombles, it actually could work quite well : they can all speak Norwegian (which will confuse the fuck out of the attacking team at set pieces, for example), Drillo rates them and they give us a bit of much needed height. All we need now is for KC and Maggie Thatcher to learn Norwegian and we’ll be laughing

Also according to Teamtalk, because of this Frode Olsen character we probably won’t be signing Kasey Keller from Leicester. At £15,000 per week I think he’s a bit expensive, even though he would be on a free transfer. Still, whichever way you look at it, Sully’s going.