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Not so special K Published by REPD on Buying Tramadol Online Uk 15 June 1999 Hmm, interesting: seems as though Freddy K has decided that he wants more money than Drillo is willing to offer for him, and apparently the deal “may be off”. A bit like the way that the Drillo compensation deal “may be off” (ie it’s never going to happen probably but it’s good journo copy). Wait and see, as usual

Order Tramadol Cod Overnight We’ve faxed a bid for Frode Olsen, because it seems more than likely that Sully’s on his way to Villa – yeah, great move, that. From the various pictures going around, it seems as though Drillo’s Love Child (DLC) is a bit of a scary bastard – he’s got a shaven head (nowt wrong with a shaven head, of course) and he looks like someone out of one of those horror films they tried to ban after the Jamie Bulger case. Apparently, DLC is highly rated in Norway, which is promising, and at least his looks will ensure that there won’t be any young girls who don’t know any different* saying “oooh, he’s got a nice arse……” Soton want Jason Euell for £4m. I can only assume they were looking at Effin Ekoku instead and got confused. * – although there are plenty of older females who should know better who lust girlily after Sully. Come on girls, he’s married now.