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The Egil has landed

Drillo has officially arrived. Need I say more? Oh, suppose I ought to…..Sky Sports did an exclusive interview with him this evening as he arrived at Heathrow. He looked a little nervous of the media (Norwegian sources suggest that this is normal), though he looked calm and collected despite the fact that the interviewer was sounding a bit like a French teacher teaching a load of school kids (ie v–e–r–y slowly).

Best bit of the interview was when Drillo started giving one word answers, especially when asked about whether he was bringing his own #2 (Lars Tjarnaas) with him (normally a rambling answer would suffice but Drillo kept it a very short “yes”). He also said that he may be playing more long passes – folks, if ever an outsider was the prime candidate to be our manager, Drillo would be it. Don’t knock him, and don’t keep dreaming about Joe Kinnear making a comeback – he’s yesterdays man (proof? Drillo said that he won’t be having much contact with Kinnear, so it’s a case of new broom sweeps clean next year).

Elsewhere, the fixtures are out. Watford away to begin with, and if I were a betting man it will be Sky’s Monday Night Football. Hey, Taylor vs Drillo, don’t forget. The fixtures don’t look too bad, OK we have a bit of a dodgy February with CelsiScum, then Man U, but at least we don’t have to play Spurz about 2 million times next year (yet)

The Sully Is Going saga is rumbling on, and actually it’s getting a little bit dull. Sully is on honeymoon – are our players randy bastards or something? – and he won’t be speaking with Drillo and SH until he gets back (cue comments of “will he be shagged out”). It is thought that he will be going (Sully, that is) and talks of Drillo’s Love Child or Tim Flowers will be replacing him – methinks that DLC will be the obvious choice – Timmy, good goalie though he is, would be WAY too costly, about £15k a week or something stupid. And you thought that the most expensive Flowers was at Interflora?

One more non-WFC related news for you today: Leeds United are apparently in debt. Big deal, you may think, but it’s to the tune of £16m. Yes, £16m. And people think that we’re hard up. Makes you wonder if maybe our “bigger” rivals are really worth copying at times