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First day

Norwegian sources say that Drillo has been told to “name his price” for Knut Haraldson, you know the 22 year old CB who’s taller than Canary Wharf. Now, Drillo has been dropping hints about getting “one, maybe two” new CBs in, so this means that the Perry deal to the cocks is back on – a fact further substanciated by the Evening Substandard tonight (though why anyone believes what that tossrag says is beyond me). I think really it’s “wait and see”, after all Drillo hasn’t even taken a training session yet (when he sees Blackwell I think he’ll put a £5m bid for Knut)

Good news if you like watching the stiffs (no, I’m not referring to gay porn or snuff videos) – despite rumours that we were going to Kingstonian/not having a Reserve XI next year, we are staying at Sutton United and are going to take our place in the reserve equivalent of the Premiership. This presumably means that prices will rise by 70% next year, all seaters will be invoked and the reserve teams will be full of overprice Romanian players with strange surnames and huge wage bills.

Whilst we’re on the subject of grounds, our bankrupt landlords are apparently OK now. Well, basically it seems as though a consortium is ready to put £20m into them, clearing their debts and getting them on an even keel. One snag though – to ensure it goes through, the consortium have to gain control of the SP freehold from Uncle Ron Noades, the manager/owner/tea-lady/shop assistant at Brentford, not an easy task.

Now this I would imagine would effect us greatly – if Noades stays, this will heighten the muppets call for “we should buy out SP”. If the consortium gets it, who knows? I doubt if they’ll want us around, and the fact that SH has made more genuine noises about our own ground in our proper location in the last year than he has in the previous 7 years may lend even more creedence. Whatever happens to Palace, we’ll still be the top club there.