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Pre season starts…

Published by REPD on 1 July 1999

Pre-season restarts. No sign of Drillo, nor Sully at the training ground. Come to think of it, no training or match kits for the players either. Christ, what IS Sharron up to? JH looked very fit, apparently, and there were even sightings of the original Scottish Womble, aka Brian McAllister. You know, one of our defenders. Make a note in your diary. This Wednesday, 6 July, will be a “Meet Drillo” day at the training ground, at around 2pm (dates, times, venues subject to change without notification of course), so you can get a chance to “Grill The Drill”, if we start talking all NBA like. You will of course have to put up with a load of cunts called the press asking him stupid questions and basically forming opinions before they begin, so your presence is even more vital. Be there. Buy Ambien Overnight Delivery Get Ambien Online