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Hartson going? Published by Online Rx Tramadol REPD on 11 July 1999 Some serious bullshit today – the John Hartson Back To West Ham rumour is getting a disturbing amount of airplay. The Express mentioned it – even calling his move to us “disasterous” – and BBC Ceefax South East have mentioned it now. I maintain that the whole thing is bollocks, as mentioned yesterday. Additionally, I recall that when JH played against West Ham at SP last season, the Hammers fans started taunting him about his weight which pissed him off. So much so, that after the game JH was interviewed by Hammers News (the West Ham newspaper), JH told them to piss off and declared that his love affair with the West Ham fans was over. So, explain the creedence of the story now

Tramadol Uk Online More bullshit. The story goes that Drillo is starting Sunday training, and the players are “close” to revolt about it. Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff – firstly, Drillo is starting Sunday training. The reason is this : Drillo took a look at their fitness and saw how bad it was. He also caught wind that the players had been larging it a bit since JK’s ticker went, which is why the players reportedly aren’t happy at either JK or DK going – they can’t take liberties now.

However, Norge sources say that whilst Drillo is doing Sunday training, he has said that the players don’t have to come into the training ground to do the training – in other words, the players can train at home, as long as they do some training. This I thought they did already, obviously I was wrong. And what’s wrong with them training every day anyway, they are professional athletes. Besides, if well known junkie, ex-alchy and all round rock deity Ozzy Osbourne can do intense physical training for 3 hours a day (and the guy’s about 50 as well), surely fit twentysomething footballers can do that. Or did they think that becoming pro footballers meant they could piss it up the wall every day?

Tramadol Order Overnight One more thing re: fitness. During the Liverpool heyday, one of the top Liverpool players said that he thought he was fit before he came to Liverpool, he realised that when he did his first Anfield training session he realised just how fit he wasn’t. So the moral of this story is, the great teams are also the fit teams. Think about it. Drillo has also employed his laptop for training purposes. He is going to video the players games, talk through it with them, issue them diet sheets, and also school-style reports for each game (ie did you pass well?). Love to see Alan Kimble’s report. Coincidentally, this same technique is used by the South African cricket team, and it was only because Donald was as death as a mute that they didn’t win the Cricket World Cup. So it may pay not to laugh too loudly at Drillo’s new Tiny…… Leo back to Wimbledon? Well, Drillo seems keen on him, but he’s not so keen on the £3m price tag. Bet if he wants Leo that badly he’ll find the money somehow. That assuming Kinnear didn’t piss half the transfer money up the wall And finally…..the Fans Day for Drillo is as good as confirmed – Richardson Evans Memorial Training Ground, off the A3 opposite Robin Hood Roundabout, Sunday 18 July, 11am. Drillo and Sam will be there, some players might be as well. Click on the banner on the front bit for even more details……

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