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Hartson stays OK, get down to some serious ass kicking after the abject bullshit yesterday. John Hartson is staying at Wimbledon. Who says? Sam Hammam and JH himself, that’s who. First, let me give you a quote from Mr Hammam:

Zolpidem 10Mg Buy Online “It appears Harry blundered in letting us have John Hartson. Now he’s quoted saying he wants him back. Well, too late pal. West Ham are a big club and the East End of London has possibly the finest people and supporters in the country. West Ham also have one of the nicest chairmen in football. They deserve better and should not be selling their best players.
“It appears that West Ham are acting as no more than a conveyor belt for buying and selling players. Who have they bought in the last few years and then kept?”

Cheapest Ambien That enough for you? Face it, West Ham fucked JH about, stiched him up, let him go to us (still think £7.5m is waaay too dear), we mould him back to shape again and West Ham think they can get him back on the cheap? Who do they think we are, Palace?
Of course, even SH’s quote pales into insignificance when John Hartson has his say:

Buy Ambien Online Fast Shipping “I have never been as happy with my football as I am now. I love it at Wimbledon. I have put the problems of last season behind me forever and am fitter that I’ve ever been.
“The training under Egil Olsen is by far the most professional I have ever experienced and I am enjoying pre-season immensely. I cannot wait for the new season to start so Wimbledon and I can stuff it all down our doubters’ throats yet again,”

OK, read that quote again. “I cannot wait for the new season to start so Wimbledon and I can stuff it all down our doubters’ throats yet again”. That, my friends, is the quote of someone born to be a Wimbledon player. I know the muppets can’t stand Hartson, but if they can’t find good stuff to say about him now, then they clearly shouldn’t be watching us.

Cheap Ambien That quote shows as much passion as I have seen in quite a while at WFC, and I’m glad. Not only that, it totally fucks up the theory that the players are revolting against the training – hey, I have to work Sundays as well. And remember – JH has been there, seen it, and done it. He’s scored in a Euro cup final, so don’t diss him
And to confirm : Sam Hammam last week tried to fuck your wife, but before he was about to come he pulled out. Well, last night he did the same again, but this time he rammed it in hard and shot his load for a good solid 5 hours. In other words, Kelvin Davis has definitely signed for us, £600,000 up front with another £200,000 depending on appearances. As for Sully, well apparently we now want to try and keep him, though fuck knows why – I don’t really honestly believe that he’ll be 100% focused next year (as if he was half of last season) and if somebody comes up with the dough, we should sell. Or as Sam would put it, “it’s like fisting your own mother”
Also official: Kjetil Waehler, Norge CB, plays for Lyn, will come to us either in October for nowt or now for £400,000. Well, Drillo is definitely committed to defence now. I suppose Sam will liken it to having a soapy tit wank with your best friends sister, then fucking her best mate up the arse, before she performs cunnilingus on her.