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Firstly, a bit of personal news – I finally passed, after a year of intensive study, my BSc in Computing Studies (taken at South Bank, London). Therefore, I am now officially more clever than 34,000 CelsiScum fans put together

Right, onto real news. Appears that in order to get match fit again, Jon Goodman may be undergoing a loan spell at Leyton Orient. Sounds a good move, and I really hope that he can stay injury free finally. I rate him better than Ekoku, and if he can stay fit, he may even be able to break into the first team finally. Hope so, him and JH could be lethal

Bugger all happening really – certainly the case yesterday, and the fact my server went down didn’t exactly help matters much. Anyway, here goes…

Effin Ekoku thinks he has no future at WFC, apparently he’s had talks with Drillo and he may well be leaving us. Would anyone really notice if he left?

The Harry Redknapp bustup saga continues, with ‘Arry trying to make himself look the victim. His latest story is that some journo stiched him, namely asking him whether he would sign JH back for £3m, and he said yes, because if he could pay £3m for him it would be a bargain. All right, maybe he did get stiched up, but ‘Arry broke the first rule of management – the journos are there to do you over. In hindsight, I think SH went maybe just a little OTT, but at the time he was perfectly entitled to say what he did. Never mind, at least the next game against West Ham will supply some needle…….
And yet another bloody signing…..Waleed Badeer, the Israeli Arab who was on trial with us has impressed Drillo so much he’s gone and bought him for £1m, from Hapoel Petah Tikva (who are situated near the West Bank, the one in Israel that is). This assumes that the Home Office mandarins grant him a work permit. Hmm, he’s not a refugee, he’s actively seeking work, he’s able to contribute positively to British society and he’s not claiming benefit. Nah, they’d never let him in…..(cue racism comments).

Two things – one, he’s a centre midfielder, so does that mean Robbie Earle’s out? And secondly, I wonder if we’ll see the legendary WFC-PLO banner from years back (which got the owner into serious trouble at Spurz once…)?
Some interesting slant on how we managed to get Walid Badir (or is it Waleed?). Wal’s cousin, one Abed el Hamlim Khirallah, happens to be a business associate of SH, and SH wanted to sign a decent Arab player anyway. Now he’s got one, and everyone’s happy. Also, it appears that we didn’t “steal” Wal anyway from Sheff Wed – his move to South Yorkshire fell through, so it seems, Wal was in limbo and we stepped in. And maybe the rest is history…….

Coincidentally, did you know that Wal is only the second Arab EVER to be captained by Israel? I wonder how the self-righteous Semites who frequent White Hart Lane will react when we play there next?

Drillo Day seems to be going nicely – I know at least 30 people who are going, and the club got its arse in gear and started doing advertising for it. Of course, guess who got the job originally to contact all the local press to advertise it? Yup, SW19’s ARMY. Bastards, they could have told me…….

How to make an utter tit of yourself when dealing with Wimbledon, example #53,453,244. Harry Redknapp tries to sign John Hartson back for a small sum, Sam and JH tell him to piss off. So, what does ‘Arry do? He goes on a bit of a anti-Wimbledon type campaign. Well, from what I read, it seems as though ‘Arry is congratulating himself for selling us JH for £7.5m. Hmm, nice of him, although he conveniently forgets that the West Ham board made him sell him to us.

Of course, Harry Redknapp knows that Sam’s made him look absolutely stupid, so he relies on the old When Your Team Has Been Made To Look Absolutely Stupid By Wimbledon foolproof comments : attack our style of play. Yes, he’s made some snide remark about our “entertaining” style of football, the sort of comments that were fashionable about 13 years ago (and even then the sort of people who made those comments in those days were football dinosaurs who probably still wank over Brazil 1970 even today).

Of course, the whole thing’s gone a little bit more stupid now, because ‘Arry has now denied that he’s ever made a bid for John Hartson, and this whole thing seems a bit of a slanging match gone totally wrong. Either that or ‘Arry has realised he’s made himself look a total prick and is now trying to weasle out of it. I know what my money is on.

Whilst we’re on SH, is it me or isn’t his wife giving him any? Witness his latest quote:

“They must show their medical certificate to show they are mentally unstable, prove they are a sexual pervert or possess a police record for something honourable like beating up someone’s mother. And, of course, if a player were to fulfill all three requirements, we’d have to make him captain, wouldn’t we?”.

Er, yeah……
More West Ham pissing off. We’re after Steve Lomas, apparently, who plays for – guess who? Actually, we tried to sign him from Man Shitty a couple of years ago, and seems that Drillo would like yet another scary ex-Hammer ginge in our squad. Can’t see it happening, really, but it looks like we mean business if true. I thought we were supposed to be hard up – or has the Perry money come through quickly?

Remember, tomorrow (Sunday) is the Fans Day at the Training Ground, where Drillo, Lars, MH and SH will be on hand to answer questions/sign autographs that type of thing. Yours truely will be there, Nikon in hand (actually, it’s my dads, because I think I’ve lost my trust Canon. Either that or I left it in the USA), and you should know what I look like. No West Ham fans please…….