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Drillo Fans Day

Published by REPD on 18 July 1999

APOLOGY: On the 17th July, I mentioned that I obtained a BSc in Computing Studies, which officially made me more intelligent than 34,000 CelsiScum fans put together. I would like to apologise for this comment, and would now like to say that any Wimbledon fan with even no qualifications is far more intelligent than 34,000 CelsiScum fans as a whole. I would like to offer my sincere apologies to any Wimbledon fans offended by my comparison to CelsiScum fans, and will endeavor that this comment will not be made again Big news today was of course the Drillo Fans Day. I will do a full report on this either Monday or Tuesday, when I get the photos developed. Suffice to say, it went extremely well. The club were extremely impressed with the turnout – about 700 or so Wombles – considering that it only was publicised in the last week (the reason mailshots weren’t issued by the club was because each mailshot costs £5,000, and the club legitimately thought that it would be a waste of money). Indeed, so impressed were WFC that they’re already planning another one for next year.

Shop Tramadol Online The main attraction was of course Drillo. He seemed very sure of what he wanted to do, although he did certainly seem a little bit apprehensive, shy almost, but that’s probably because he’s not really used to this sort of thing : indeed, he told SW19’s ARMY exclusively that he has never experienced a fans day ever, so all this was a new experience. He explained about zonal defending, how he wants to attack etc, and all in all we can be sure that we will be in safe hands with him.

Elsewhere, Sully has gone on record and praised Drillo’s Sunday training, although whether or not that’s because he won’t have to do it much longer is anyone’s guess. However, SH says that Sully is staying. We shall see. Also on his way – maybe – is Effin Ekoku. Apparently he feels like there’s no place for him under Drillo, and maybe a £4m+ move could be forthcoming. Hope so. Discount Tramadol Online