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Swindle Town

Published by REPD on Tramadol Online Cod Fedex 19 July 1999

Wahey – Stupid Country Yokels 0 Sophisticated Suburbanites 3, pre-season friendly I know but hey, do I give a fuck? Remember how we used to play, with using wingers, tough tackling and basically pissing off the “passing” teams? Well, today I saw it for myself – football, the way it was really meant to be played, returned with a vengance, and the farmers didn’t exactly know what hit them.

Purchase Tramadol Visa The squad was: Sullivan, Jupp, Pedersen, Cunningham, Francis, Ainsworth, Gayle, M Hughes, Hartson, Roberts, Earle, with Ardley, Cort and Leaburn replacing Ainsworth, Earle and JH. Our tactics were pretty simple, whenever they attacked, get the ball, launch it up to Ainsworth, who’ll deal with it, and gives it to one of our forwards. Simple, and effective. Right, the game, it was pretty hot, our goals came from Earle, Ainsworth and Hartson (in that order, we were 2-0 up at HT), we totally went to sleep in the second half but Swindon were so shit that we need not have worried. Man of the match was – wait for it – Duncan Jupp, who was quite literally superb. OK, so he’ll be behind KC in the pecking order, but the fact that he played so well may well give some legitimacy to the view that JK didn’t exactly get the best out of his players. Maybe Drillo’s had a word? Museli looked fit, very fit actually, and I think he’ll be a major asset this season, and as for Ainsworth……jesuz, he took Swindon apart, hopefully he’ll keep injury free as well. Pedersen and Francis looked pretty good at the back (TP indeed made a good tackle on a Swindon player, won the ball as well), and in fact I think Chris Perry going may not be quite so bad after all. It’s official : Walid Badeer has joined WFC, despite the Spanish trying to recreate the Berber invasion for a lot of pesata. His work permit came through, he was on the team coach and said to us directly “Yes, I’ve signed”. Hey, I feel happy Oh, and for anyone who was there today, yes my chants were a little suspect today, but I fully maintain that Wiltshire is so shite that it can’t substain a COUNTY cricket team. OK?
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