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To be a Pilgrim

First match report of the new season – well, pre-season anyhow. Pilgrims 2 Wombles 2. No idea what the game was like, but from the half time “report” I got, Leaburn scored our first goal, and it was pissing down with rain. Believe me, the reports will get better.

UPDATE: Right, here’s a (little) bit more on the Pilgrims match : Drillo reckoned that there were too many sideway/reverse/passes back to the goalie, which is something that was de rigeur under Kinnear. I guess that will take some time to shake off. Contary to what the press tell you, the first goalscorer was CARL LEABURN and the second one (apparently) was MARCUS GAYLE.

The team didn’t include JH, Sully or Euell, but DID include Tore Pedersen, Chris Wilmot and Kelvin Davis. It appears they didn’t click immediately, but I think that’s what pre-season friendlies are for. Anyway, we’re playing at Yeovil tomorrow, and then Swindon Saturday (which I’m going to, so I can give you a good report on Sunday sans hangover)

Could we be about to get shafted up the arse? No, we haven’t become all Graham Le Saux like, but it seems that Walid Badeer is wanted by Spain’s Rayo Vallecano for more than the £1m we’ve offered him. Of course, we’re still waiting for home office approval, but two things work in our favour : one, his lawyer is here trying to hurry the deal along, and two, WB has said “I’m interested in playing in England and for Wimbledon, a club I enjoyed playing with during the week I spent there.”. So there you have it. Be a ton of shit if we did get gazumped at the last minute. But then Sheff Wed probably feel the same way at the moment (although who nicked Petter Rudi off us….?)

Another fan of Drillo’s Sunday training is Michael Hughes. So, that’s two now. The reason for this is that when Muesli was at Strasbourg, he used to train the day after the match, although he said that he always got Monday off. Now, his main fear is that there will be a lot of midweek matches which may make Drillo think again, but in truth how often do we have midweek matches? If I remember last year we didn’t have that many, Spurz excluded, and I am positive that Drillo will know when to draw the line. None the less, the Sun’s insistance that a revolt was rife through WFC looks like the stuff that’s come out of my arse after I’ve had a curry