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For the Cardiff Centenary thing between 31 July and 1 August, tickets will set you back about £24. Yes, £24. And they’ve given us 1,000 tickets. Jesuz, we can’t even raise 200 people for places like Everton when we’re going well, let alone 1,000 for a meaningless (sorry Cardiff, it is a pre-season job). I reckon we will take about 20 people, I’m going down to watch, of course, though it may only be for the Saturday only. What a fucking rip off……

Celtic are after Dmitri Kharine, so that’s somewhere else Sully can’t go. The only feasible options are Rangers, somewhere else in Scotland or he could always stay with us. I’d rather he went, we get the money, and we get someone who knows how to kick and position himself properly (Frode Olsen anyone?). Well, he IS Scottish

How to save face and boost your brownie points at the same time – Perry may not be going to Spurz after all, the cocks are after some Argie. So maybe Drillo’s influence is catching…..just makes you wonder how unpopular Kinnear was with the players (remember, Sully is probably staying, looks like Perry, and until Drillo came you would have bet that they and one or two others would have buggered off by now). Maybe now they’re being treated with a little bit more respect from the management for once they are responding in kind. Hey, we may even learn how to defend
Wahey, we’re really up with the big boys now – looks like Kjell Inge Roekke is in trouble with the Norwegian tax people because he’s “forgotten” to pay tax in Norway for the last 20 years. Roekke, who’s been a London resident for the same period of time apparently owes something £18m, and he may be forced to return to Norway permanently. Well, they’re quoting £18m, but you can bet that he’ll only pay £900,000 and get John Carew in the process.

Sheff Wed want to buy Leo for £2m but Liverpool want £3m. Come on, we can afford £2.5m, which is what he’ll eventually cost. The only reason he left WFC was because Kinnear was acting the cunt – him, Ainsworth, M Hughes and JFK in the midfield next year would be awesome

Much in the same vein as Sully going to a “big club” and probably end up at Leicester, so Joe Kinnear has been linked with the Forest job. Unfortunately, for him, if he does go he’ll lose his £0.5m “loyalty bonus”. Personally, I think he should have lost it when he spouted on about Dublin…..

Another day, another link to a Norwegian defender – Tore Pedersson. He’s a center back who’s also played for Oldham and Blackburn, and who is out of contract at Eintract Frankfurt. So unlike Freddy K he’s willing to move and unlike Knut Haraldson he’s got a bit of experience. At least he’s cheap.

Of course, all this may be irrelevant : there are inklings that Chris Perry may even stay, if what Drillo is saying turns out to be true. He said something like “only one player may be going, and that’s Neil Sullivan”. Now this may be a misquote, but if it’s not it proves that Drillo (or Sam) really have a control on the squad. Either that or Perry doesn’t want to play for a bunch of cocks. I think in truth we really need to get somebody like Pedersson or Knut in, if only to replace the lumbering Blackwell

Drillo has said that he is actually rather keen on keeping David Kemp and Mick Harford on the staff when he comes, because although Drillo knows the Premiership quite well (which is why he called it over-rated a couple of years ago) he needs to know a little bit more about it (hence why DK and MH will be sticking around). Obviously Drillo needs how to make tea properly, which is probably what DK and MH will end up doing…..