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Hughes off?

Fuck, my head hurts. I tell you, jobhunting is no fun. Anyway, it’s happening a little bit today, so let’s get underway:

Big story, if you can actually believe it is that Sport First reckon that Michael Hughes is on his way for £5m. No, no idea who. Get this, the reason for Museli’s apparent unhappiness at the club is that he’s not too pleased with having to train Sunday. Huh? Is this the same Michael Hughes who praised Drillo for putting it in place, saying that it did well at Strasbourg and was looking forward to it here? Well, the original story didn’t actually contain any quotes, so it’s probably a load of bullshit, but I see the anti-WFC sniping has started just a little too early this year. I think it’s a case of believe it when you see it

One player looking more likely to depart is Effin. He feels left out – ah, diddums – and wants a move. Now, we’re willing to offload the useless twat for £1m, which ain’t really a lot but we do get to make £100k profit on him if we get that price. Now, don’t mock having £100,000 to play with, after all that’s going to cover JH’s wages until November.

JK is starting to come off his recovery bed, and is starting to get some sort of delusions of grandeur. All right, I’m being unkind. JK has said that he’s going to be looking at foreign training methods, with perhaps a move to a foreign club. Well, he IS a mate of Johan Croyff, and that may work in his favour. Now, the fact that JK has gone abroad proves that either a) somebody foreign wants him, or b) Drillo has done to JK what JK did to Terry Burton (ie sent him to Coventry, via most places in the EU).

Further creedence to this theory comes with what Drillo mentioned in the News Of The Screws today, which in case you didn’t catch it mentioned that he has not banned JK from the training ground, or indeed anywhere else – he left on his own accord. Hmm, maybe THIS will shut David Buchan up, jesuz if he mentioned “churlish” one more time I’m going to have to nuke Scotland……

Actually, thinking about it, Drillo may be doing the right thing – by getting the journos to concentrate on his “eccentricities” it takes the focus away from WFC as a whole. Now, this might be a bit of a bummer to some people, but during the glory years we did so well simply because people were un-naturally obsessed with our style of play/disciplinary record, so it took the concentration off the team as a whole. Now do you get me when I say this is like Old Wimbledon?

Oh, and if anyone asks, yes I am going to Bournemouth. Face it, the lure is too great and I have a generous credit card company anyway. Booked it last night, got it for £16, and I’m looking forward to it. Fuck, Drillo really HAS made a difference…..