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Thru the Wall

Here we are, burning the midnight oil for the SW19 readership – South London’s Not Quite So Finest 0 South London’s Finest 2. It was basically a totally one sided affair, in our favour, and although we had a mainly Worthington Cup team (ie Ekoku playing), we were still too strong for Bermondsey’s finest. Sir Carlos opened the scoring, on something like 10 minutes, and Cort added the second something like 20 odd minutes later. Other than that, it was really quite uneventful. There were about 150 Wombles there, Hartson came on as sub, and really that was it. Still, I enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters. Oh yeah, and Drillo waved to us. Come on, our English ain’t that bad

Michael Hughes is staying – official, says the man himself. He says that he read the report saying that he was unhappy with Drillo and training methods, and called it “disgusting”. He also went on to say that

“I’m a straight player”

Buy Zolpidem Online Paypal Obviously Graham Le Saux will be unhappy with that statement – and

“I can see players who pull their weight having trouble with the new manager. Not me though”. Further proof, if any was needed, that MH is indeed, da main man. Interesting to note that he said that those who pull their weight will be out. Bye bye Effin Little bit of news from the training ground. Walid Badeer was training, and looks extremely useful. He has signed, yet none of the papers or teletext report on it. Hmmm. Missing was Ceri Hughes and Ben Thatcher. Now, Maggie hasn’t been playing in the pre-seasons thus far, and obviously there will be yet more idle talk about him joining Liverpool, although has anyone thought he could actually be injured? Nah, that’s too simple.