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Odds and ends Thank fuck someone in authority has 0.0001% of common sense – the OFT’s bid to overturn the Sky running football thankfully got overturned. If the OFT had won, it meant that WFC would have had to go and bid for our own TV rights, and let’s face it, who would be prepared to show us. We don’t generate enough dough for Sky’s liking, the BBC won’t touch us because we’re too exciting, the ITV would never touch us in a million years (anyone remember The Match – Live?), and I doubt Cable 17 would want to drop Palace for us. Which would have left C4 and C5. Personally, I reckon we would be ideal for C4 if it ever came about – we’re a minority, we have a high percentage of black people in our squad, we’re totally “alternative” and our attendances are the same as C4’s audience. A perfect match, if ever I saw one…..none the less, the fact that the big clubs won’t get much richer and we won’t suffer is only to be welcomed. Hope more of the same continues

That said, today’s Sun dramatically claims that had the OFT been successful with the Sky thing, we would have gone bust (this according to SH anyway). OK, so it may have been a little dramatic, but ultimately we would have suffered quite badly. Actually, for those who rubbish Sky for it’s supposed elitism, remember ITV in 1990……..

Ooer, the severity of Maggie’s lung problem is actually quite bad – he’s got a collapsed lung, which nobody really knows why it happened (though everyone has got a good idea….). Nasty.

Buy Ambien Cheapest Slow again on the news front. So slow in fact that BBC Ceefax even had to resort to this classic story : apparently, Marcus Gayle first found out about Drillo becoming our new manager via Ceefax. Yes, this is a news story. According to the bible-basher, a mate of his – God, one presumes – phoned him in his car, told him that Olsen was here, and then went home and checked it on Ceefax. Ah, aren’t you glad the papers have their fingers on the pulse?

According to reports, the squad for the first game of the season will not include Maggie, Blackwell and the two Hughses. No idea who’s got what, but apparently Fatcha has got a “lung injury”, whatever the fuck that means. Did Roberts kick him in the chest when they had their little, ahem, “disagreement” in the close season? It may explain it. Oh yeah, and a quick memo to Andy Roberts – next time you shag the fiancé of somebody else, make sure its somebody less violently inclined than Ben Thatcher….try somebody timid like Charles Manson. Speaking of which, when JH came to WFC, he noted that two players had a training ground fight, which he said proved that his kung-fu kick on Berkovic wasn’t unusual. I wonder if the two players involved were Roberts and Thatcher? I can’t think of any people else it would be – unless Effin had a punch up with his ego?

Can U Get Ambien Online Drillo STILL ain’t happy with our defence, and admittedly at times yesterday it did still look a little shaky, particularly in the middle. That said, I doubt very much if what we finished with yesterday will be what we start with come Watford. I definitely do not expect to see Kelvin Davies come on as JH’s striking partner with 5 minutes to go come August the 7th. In fact I would rather see Effin playing……….on second thoughts, Davies wasn’t that bad.

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