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Transfer rumours in overdrive at the moment. The main one is that Spurz and Leicester have both come in for Marcus Gayle, although the foxshaggers have been put off by the alledged £8m price tag. Yup, £8m. Apparently the Yids might go in for him, even at that price, personally if they offer £8m, take it. Then we can put either Euell or Leaburn on more often, loosening the pressure on JH and Cort to produce the goods.

Linked with Magnus Svensson again, who’s Swedish, the current Norwegian player of the year. Apparently Sunderland and Watford (along with somebody else who I can’t remember) want him, though what’s the betting he’ll wend his way to SE25 soon?

Robbie Earle has got a broken cheekbone, thanks to the Moroccian Coventry player, and he’ll be out for 6 weeks. This could well put in Jason Euell, and hopefully Ainsworth as well. Still nasty break for Robbie. Obviously this sort of foul play is OK by Strachan, but distributing the ball more than 10 yards isn’t…..yeah, it’s not surprising Mickey Harford didn’t twat him, I doubt whether Mazza would have got the shit from under his fingernails….

Actually, I’ve just thought : we’ve recently had run-ins with Bryan Robson, Viv “cunt” Anderson and now Gordon Strachan. Now, what is the connection between the three? Yes, they were all around playing for Man Utd when we did the double over them in 1986. See, all the old prejudices and vendettas are coming out now. Of course, the rather conceited viewpoint that “we play better football” is merely a smokescreen for their more primeval motives. Never mind, at least Strachan won’t be in a job this time next year
Drillo has reportedly told our strikeforce to get moving, and told them to show more verve up front against Newk on Saturday. Now, if playing against the bottom team, struggling really badly without their top striker isn’t going to motivate them, then there is something severely wrong at WFC which is going far beyond a change of manager. True, Newk will be up for it, but I don’t believe we can’t beat them. At least our defence is getting the hang of defending a little bit….

Michael Hughes is very unhappy and wants to leave. Well the People and the Mirror said so, so it must be true. Apparently our “long ball” style has alienated him, and so wants to go. Yeah, and we played lovely passing flowing football under JK, right? This seems a re-hash, and if true, it rather shows MH in a bit of a bad light. Remember, he would probably get more games under Drillo than at most other clubs, so this may well be a bit of a journo wank fantasty.
Far more feasible is the fact that Alan “Backpass” Kimble may be off to Watford for £1.5m or something. Well, we are supposed to be selling two players, so pick any two who have been dropped recently. Personally, whilst I think that we need backup for Thatch, I’m not really too sure about keeping Kimble, especially as he acted like a Spurz player after being subbed against Boro.