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Month: August 1999


Here’s an interesting snippet, according to Teamtalk : there was a “clear the air” meeting at the training ground, asked for by the players. Now, … Read more


Special L3 edition again…..and do I really have to write Bluescouse 4 Blueincompetents 0? Gawd, this was like JK era all over again, not helped … Read more

Up in Scouseland

Special Scouse edition – back of today’s Liverpool Echo states an interview with Francis Jeffers, anyway he reckons that we haven’t changed our style, but … Read more


Wahey – Newk 3 Hard Southern Nutcases 3, and the old Wimbledon was back. Yesterday was basically a real test of our resolve, and boy … Read more


No, there wasn’t an update yesterday, that was because I felt absolutely lousy and tired, and I was having a real job just to keep … Read more