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No, there wasn’t an update yesterday, that was because I felt absolutely lousy and tired, and I was having a real job just to keep awake (I had a cold as well which didn’t assist matters….). Anyway, I’m fit(ter) again and therefore I can now bring you updates as before

Firstly, some better news regarding SP. Uncle Ron has said that there was no talk between him and SH regarding SP – he said that SP is “not for sale” – that will bugger up the new, Goldberg-free Palace consortium – and that SH was only making those comments because he was being “cheeky”. Hmm, it has been pointed out to me that SH loves winding people up, so maybe this was one of these occasions. Now, I wish he wouldn’t do that, not least because I reckon my blood pressure will kill me eventually, but at the same time this does do a bit of good in two ways : one, it kind of acts as a “shield” when it comes to negotiating new grounds (ie as it focuses on a particular place where we can never get it, it takes the “pressure” off the site we really could get), and two it does at least raise the issue of grounds again (and encourages rigourous debate about it, although sometimes it gets too rigourous).

Interesting to note that many people have said that SP is our only option now, which I doubt 100%. Anyway, today I drove past a certain site that is currently a landfill, now you can’t tell me that’s not still viable as a site. And yesterday my dad had to OK a Man Utd shop (yes, really) at a certain airport in the South of England, also previously earmarked as a new site. Plus considering what’s inbetween the two sites, I refuse to believe that SP is our “only” option. Too many people do though, and that’s what scares me.

Back to the soccer, and JH may well be missing tomorrow, because of a badly twisted ankle. No truth to the rumour he did it whilst drunk. As for the rest, looks like Trond will play CB with TP, Robert Earle MBE will be the holding role in midfield and maybe even Sir Carlos will make a long-awaited entrance. Lars reckons that if we take the game to them we could easily get a result – that’s probable, given the fact that there is a lot of tension up on Tyneside. However, there is the small matter that this is considered “make or break” for Newk, although I think their real crunch one is against the Makems on Wednesday. Expect a draw tomorrow.

Kimble may leave, possibly for Watford. Well, at least he’ll be cheap.