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Special L3 edition again…..and do I really have to write Bluescouse 4 Blueincompetents 0? Gawd, this was like JK era all over again, not helped by yet another penalty (is 5 in 5 consecutive games a record?) and the Bluescouses best ever performance for 5 years (that’s what the Daily Post were hinting).

Basically, our problem is this : lack of concentration in the first 30 seconds of the second half, corrupt refs, and the fact that each one of our defence is frankly not up to it – and yes, I include Sully, KC and Maggie in this. Drillo must be tearing his hair out at the way that our back line is single handedly destroying his reputation. We can’t blame TP because he didn’t play, not that it made much difference. Jesuz, and we’ve Celsi on Saturday. I can hardly wait….

As for scorers etc, do I really need to bother?

UPDATE (7.30pm) : Ah, back in South London again. Firstly, some good news for once – Effin has finally fucked off, he’s persuaded Roy Hodgson at Grasshoppers to sign him for £0.5m. Although the Lazy Sod claims that this is a step up and Grasshoppers are a much bigger club than us. Yes, and that means you’ll have to work harder won’t you….oh, don’t tell me you want to change your mind? Good fucking riddance

Drillo is not pleased, and seems there is a bit of dissention creeping up, that’s what Teamtalk reckons. Anyway, our manager has quoted

“It is not the system. The players have to win their duels with their opponents. If they don’t it doesn’t matter how they play, man for man or zonal, it will be difficult to win”

Logical enough, wouldn’t you think? Well, Robbie Earle doesn’t think so, because he is reportedly bitching that this season’s defensive problems stem from Drillo’s zonal system. What, you mean our defence which was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good last year that it was the 18th best in the 20-team Premiership?

Am I the only person thinking that Robbie Earle is starting to get a bit bigger than the club? Yes, I know he’s a loyal servant etc, but he’s starting to irritate me just a little. Remember when he proudly proclaimed that Drillo “had better not change things too much”, as if Drillo was going to radically alter the fabric of the club who he loves? Was he protecting his own interests? Was Earle a bit miffed that JK left? Is this what writing for the Evening Substandard does to you?

Face it, Drillo is entirely right, our defence is totally spineless and Robbie Earle should be thankful that Drillo is still playing him (be honest, Earle looks totally past it most of the time). At this rate, he may be back at Port Vale sooner than you think…..

Still, let’s put things in perspective here. Everton beat West Ham 6-0 last season, scored 4 against us and Soton, and they’re not that bad a side. Remember, our defence is still awful and we need to change it badly, despite what Robbie Earle said. Trouble is, how much longer before the muppets start getting the JK twitch?