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All at Celsi

Urg. Dons 0 Paedos 1, and for some strange reason I don’t feel too bad. I suppose it’s for a number of reasons, one Blackwell was dropped for Trond, two KC and Maggie were back in their old positions, and three we looked more than capable of defending for once, and it was only because a 20 yarder from that cunt Petrescu went in that we didn’t get a point which we probably deserved.

Unfortunately, our attack was absolute crap, and it was only shots from Hughes and Badir that had us even getting near the Rapist’s goal. Sadly, we also have passengers with Earle and Roberts, and Kimble totally looks out of his depth at times.

None the less, we’re 16th, and of course the Drillo haters and the muppets will see this as “vindication” that the zonal system doesn’t work, we really are struggling without Kinnear and the sooner that we get him back the better. Personally, I think that anyone who thinks that should fuck off and die of something nasty like E.Coli.

That all said, if we approach the same manner the rest of the season as we did today (minus the negativity in attack of course), we’ll finish top 10.