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Here’s an interesting snippet, according to Teamtalk : there was a “clear the air” meeting at the training ground, asked for by the players. Now, this is down to our less than spectacular start to the season, and given some of what we’ve heard, it could well be justified.

However, some of the things the players are complaining about are quite weird – there is selection policy, which admittedly can be strange, but at the same time Drillo has to make the best of what he’s got. However, the weirdest one is the fact that the players are complaining about knowing in advance who is going to be substituted. And for what reason is their cause of complaint exactly? Put it this way, most managers replace people for tactical reasons, even the much worshipped JK did it occasionally.

The fact that Drillo is telling the players exactly when it’s going to happen is no real cause for concern – hell, it’s nice of him to even tell them, despite the fact that some of them act like they, and only they, know how WFC run. I’m no football tactician but I would imagine Drillo would know how other teams change tactics at certain times of the game, and he’s only reacting accordingly. Thankfully, Drillo has said that he’s still in charge – face it, when the players got their way (ie March 3 1999 onwards) we fucked up, so perhaps they would do well to listen…..

Whilst on the subject of players getting the hump, Egil Ostenstad was reportedly praising of Drillo, perhaps not surprisingly. He did, however, say that he will do well “providing the players are 100% behind him”. Makes you wonder if that really is the case. None the less, you can bet your bottom krone that if the players do start getting too high and mighty, Drillo will start getting his own men in. The partnership of Trond and TP is a Drillo-inspired one….

One player who escapes criticism is JH, he’s had to withdraw from the Welsh squad but he’s aiming to be back for Derby on the 11th, if all goes well. Fuck, we need him badly.

We’ve drawn Cardiff City in the Worthington cup, away first leg. I think it’s on the 13th September, but whatever, expect fun and games down there

Marcus Gayle has reportedly said that we must win soon or else we’ll be fighting relegation all season. Well, isn’t the obvious solution to start putting a couple in the net then Marcus? Yesterday showed promise, and all we seem to get is criticism. Jesuz.

On the subject of the Son Of God (Marcus Gayle, not J. Christ), Leicester have apparently tabled a £4m bid for him. Make it £6m and he’s yours. He’s OK, though probably not our best player.

Drillo is very pleased with the defensive performance from yesterday, though reckons we probably deserved to lose, citing mental tiredness. Worrying, he points out “Trond played a very good game. But his place is still at the midfield. In my plans Tore Pedersen and Dean Blackwell still are the first choice as central backs” . Please tell me this is a wind-up – unless TP has a word in Drillo’s shell-like and decrees that maybe he would be better off playing with somebody that doesn’t act like he’s never seen a football before. Still, if we play Blackwell against Derby and play pap in defence again, that will confirm it once and for all.

Dean Holdsworth is in trouble, or rather was in trouble. Apparently he twatted his wife at a poshe golf club in Southport – presumably over how much hair gel he uses – and got nicked. Now she’s dropped the charges, which may either mean it was a bollocks story or she’s worried that Deano will go out and do Lindsey Dawn Mackenzie again. If the latter situation is the case, don’t think Bolton would want him – remember the first time he did LDM on Wimbledon Common he suffered a chest injury?